Those rousing speeches exhorting bravery before battle! Historical and Fictional!

Do you know them? Love them? Love Science and AI? Do you think speeches generated by a neural net would be hilarious?

Do you have examples? We need 'em! Please Share!

@tithonium It's not going to be my doctoral tattoo. But I might have to have it done in the next year or so...

How does twitter cross posting from this thing work?

How do you know I love Planned Parenthood the best? I will spend a bunch of time on the phone updating my cc info when their web site isn't working and trying to help them diagnose their problems. (I can think of one other that might also be the best...)

@tithonium @mcmoots I followed and replied successfully, so it's looking good! Trying again...

Okay - Eldang, I can see you, but I can't reply. No clue!!!

The Clacks

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