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Am I the only one thinking Autobot City should have had a somewhat more _automatic_ transform process?

File this under "junk I don't need and won't get but nonetheless am amused by"

Two announcements: In honor of the upcoming 20th anniversary of the West Wing debut, we're doing 20% off the Bartlet's Army challenge coin with code WESTWING20.

And of course this case doesn't have a speaker, so I can't figure out WHY it won't post. Not that ASRock seems bothered with documenting its POST beeps anywhere.

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No, honest, I'm happy to spend $500 and two hours to end up with a computer that won't POST.

β€œThat thing is going to go through my neck like a hot knife through really screamy butter.”

In short, Minecraft is a mess of a server application. I need to spend more time with Minetest, which seems to be running just fine on the much-wimpier Fire3 arm boards.

I wonder if there's a good way to import my minecraft worlds into minetest so I don't lose all of that work.

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Got the first of my Atomic Pis up and running and added to the docker swarm. It's currently running a minecraft server to let it bake.

I also discovered that it has _exactly_ the same CPU as the Lattepanda I already have. So that was slightly disappointing, because it isn't _quite_ beefy enough to _run_ a minecraft server without stuttering.

Holy shit, never considered that, but this is likely accurate.

Reclaiming #RSS, by @yogthos πŸ”—

Reclaiming RSS

To escape censorship by Big Social, all web sites and blogs should implement this one trick.

Just-realized upside of having to replace the motherboard in Vela: I can take it's i7 cpu and put that into Bellatrix, and take Bella's i5 and replace Sarin's i3. They're all roughly the same age, and thus LGA1155 sockets.

Silly question: Given an ActiveRecord::Relation, is there any way to find out which named scopes were called to generate it? I'm assuming no, but a boy can dream.

Downside to being a contractor: having to track your hours.

Upside to being a contractor: not having to go to the big two hour planning meeting.

The downside to having facial hair is bagels with cream cheese.

That may come across a bit non-sequitur, but people've been telling me Atom is tired and <x> is wired for a while now, and this always seems to happen JUST as I've gotten a new editor working how I want it and adapted to its quirks. I stuck with TextMate LONG after it had turned to crap, and only switched when it finally stopped working at all.

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Or it will just stop working _eventually_. I'm looking over certain code references in a bunch of files and it stopped working again after a dozen or so files.

Damnit, I hate having to switch editors.

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Quit, restarted, and it's working again. Turns out... opening the preferences page breaks it. Go figure.

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Just wasted ten minutes trying to figure out why the little ghost arrow didn't show up in atom when search wrapped to the top. Downloaded the beta version, and it worked. Then it didn't.

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