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Are there any usb-c port expanders that have _at least two_ usb-c ports, plus ethernet, audio, and usb-a? I have a pair of usb-c monitors and would like to continue connecting them that way, rather than using hdmi for one of them.

Spent the 4th moving the desk with my gaming rig from the north wall to the east wall. This was more complicated than it sounds.

I spent yesterday afternoon/evening moving my main desk from the west wall to the middle of the room, and this morning getting my computer set back up. Switched from dual-monitor to triple, opening the laptop back up (mainly for video conf reasons).

Still so much to do to get everything back in order, but it already feels like a better space.

3 minutes 54 seconds into the first episode of the new Inspector Gadget, I scream “OH, FUCK THIS NOISE”, and turn it off. Children shouldn’t be watching this shit.

I feel you shouldn’t call it a “Netflix original“, if it’s a remake of something that existed before Netflix. Also, the new Inspector Gadget theme song sucks.

'delete and redraft' is nice, thank you mastodon.

Always makes me sad to find a once-expensive piece of electronics that's been set aside or stored in a box... with the batteries still in it.

Yeah, I'm not cleaning the battery leakage out of that. Onto the junk pile!

Holy shit, there was just a DEER in our front yard. Eating the rose bush.

“I don’t need it to be funny; I just need him in my trunk.”

Food arrived 45 minutes after I ordered AND he screwed up the order. I’m not going to try to get it corrected, as I would like to eat some time today. ::/

I made a terrible choice of breakfast venues today. Thought it would be quick and easy and convenient, but it took 15 minutes to order and that was half an hour ago.

Twenty minutes of careful musical selection trying to fix a neurochemical imbalance, ruined by three seconds of the wrong song.

That is a very depressing song and I should not listen to it for an eighth straight time.

I figure one person to extract the mail from the envelopes and dispose of them along with anything that doesn't need to be scanned (return envelopes, etc), second to flatten everything out, destaple, etc. Third runs thru the scanner. Fourth runs thru shredder.

How much would I have to pay four of you to come over and form a production line for opening, scanning, and shredding twenty years of accumulated snail mail?

Just got done designing a new layout for my home office.

Now I just need the ambition to implement it. That, plus several muscular and compliant hominids.

I'm taking 12-24 July off. My 22nd Martian birthday is the 16th. Thinking I might spend the weekend of the 21st in Portland.

🎵 You're gonna catch a cold 🎶 from the ice inside your soul 🎶 Don't come back for me 🎶 Don't come back at all 🎵

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