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Current mood: “If I start screamin’ and blood goes everywhere, ease up.”

Ah, there we go. No, they didn’t toss it over the railing. Good. It just shipped broken.

I would probably be slightly less annoyed about it if the damage had been obvious _before_ I'd finished getting it all set up. But no, couldn't tell it was broken until I had it in place and hooked up.

Aaaand the monitor arrived. Looks like the Amazon delivery rando tossed it over the porch railing rather than walking around the long way.

And the LCD is cracked internally.

Ordered several expensive things yesterday. One, supposed to be delivered same-day, got routed to Everett, and delivered this morning. Another, supposed to be delivered today, was... routed to Everett, and doesn't show as out for delivery yet.

Come on, Amazon. You were doing so well for a while.

My Amazon-fu is failing me. Anybody know where I can find something functionally identical to server rails that is outdoor-rated? I want to make a sliding half-door for the shower, but can’t have a top rail that goes all the way across, so it has to extend from one side.

Spark is fine and all, but the desktop UI is kinda bulky.

Trying to decide if I want to try switching back to Airmail. Maybe if I wipe all its files and backups and sync and such, it'll stop marking random things as spam.

I could pay off my car six months early by depleting my savings accounts.

“Wizards? Belgians? Goblins? Belgian Goblin Wizards?” “Don’t be ridiculous. Belgians aren’t real.”

It's weird to get food with a customs declaration attached.

It's sad that it has to include a sticker warning that the expiration dates are in the proper format (dd/mm/yy).

Screenshots from an iPhone X look weird when viewed on anything else. The gap where the Notch is isn't a notch, but is still weirdly bare, and the swipe-bar is visible.

Current mood:

Farmers, slaughter with the tool formerly used for lifting beets the foe!

“Excuse me? Are you dissing my Baby Verde recipe?”

Might be time to drop the spam score filter on my mail server. A lot of spam coming along in the mid 5s.

I'm spending a lot on art lately too. This was my second (or maybe first) most expensive run thru the norwescon art auction ever. Art makes me happy, and having the flexibility to be able to buy art I like is a nice change.

Among other things, I've been filling out audiobook series. serieses? seriii? Whatever.

In doing so, I found out there's a piece of the Newsflesh series called 'Fed', an alternate ending to Feed.

I just got done reading it.

ENTIRELY BY COINCIDENCE, I seem to have suddenly developed severe allergies. [sniffle]

(You can just keep buying more credits! over and over! plus, I bought everything on my wishlist that cost less than a single credit does.)

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