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ok, so.. what was the point of a political marriage to the daughter of the old emperor if you still end up going to war against the entire empire?

Damnit. I need an Etcher Pro about once every five years, but when I need it I _really_ need it. ::/

Woke up just before I killed the toady of the person in charge of managing non-ceremonial funerals, for disrespecting my attempts to make request with regard to handling our just-dead friend. She was probably next, for the same reason.

Weird to wake up with one's hands still feeling imagined murder.

I'm the first damned patient of the day; how the hell is the doctor already late?

Awake, showered, dressed, out of the house, breakfasted, and at the doctors office. And my regular alarm still hasn't gone off yet.

Ok, I want to believe that setting up Ghost on my server did not result in it being listed in the CBL, but it's NOT LOOKING LIKELY.

β€œI’m sorry, are you talking about an ACTUAL toddler, or the President of the United States?”

Sad that all the cheap buffet restaurants are dying off. Craving a decent breakfast buffet right now. Not a fancy one, but, like, an Old Country Buffet type thing.

Nearest one seems to be in Federal Way.

Bad joke from housemate: why do Spanish magicians only count to two? Because they vanish without a tres.

We're trying to figure out to punish him for this.

Went and bought some blank DVDs so I could burn an Ubuntu boot disc because I can't find my ISOstick. Hopefully I can get in, chroot, and repair things.

Ok. New RAM is in. Still won't connect to network, nor respond to keyboard. Soooo... Fun

I'll rephrase: I _think_ it's getting thru grub. Grub loads, anyway. And I can still boot it into the old 3.13.0 kernel. Just not the new 4.4.0.

Anybody have any idea why a server upgraded to Ubuntu Xenial can't detect the hard drive during boot? it gets thru grub, fails somewhere in initrd. It's an AMD FX-6100 cpu on an MSI 760GM-E51 board.

Observation: As an American who makes a a small effort to avoid being informed about politics... if you're a foreign leader, and I know your name, you're _probably_ awful.

"Do Not Ask Us About Sabre-Tooth Tigers, Tar Pits, Big Green Things With Teeth, Or The Goddess Czol."

For anybody with an account or website or dns or anything else on Sarin: I'm going to try upgrading the OS next weekend. There will be downtime. If things go poorly, it may be extensive.

NS2-4 will still be up, as well as the backup MX, but websites/shell will be down.

Man builds log cabin in the Canadian wilderness. This is so cool.

"Speak softly and employ a huge man with a crowbar."

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Named after the transcontinental communications network from Terry Pratchett's Discworld.

Neither Deluge Nor Ice Storm Nor The Black Silence Of The Netherhells Shall Stay These Messengers About Their Sacred Business. Do Not Ask Us About Sabre-Tooth Tigers, Tar Pits, Big Green Things With Teeth, Or The Goddess Czol.