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Martin Tithonium 👽

Trying to decide what to do with a pair of Sunfire V210 servers. Find a linux to install on them, or take them to goodwill.

Anybody out there know how to write plugins for Spigot? I want to make my Mars environment a little more fatal.

Finally got around to Anathem. Interesting book, even if the end felt a little anticlimactic.

Currently suffering the hardest thing in computer science: naming things.

Going to create a gem in which I define my own DSL for defining APIs, because swagger makes me want to hit things, but I can't figure out a good NAME for it.

"It has to be inserted." "Insert it in your butt." "I don't have a chip reader, I'm too old."

Satellite Sightseer has been retired.

Good lord, does /anybody/ get to be a good guy on this show for a full season at a time?

Also, really don't like my anti-ability-to-type bias. ::P

Been catching up on Agents of SHIELD, and I have to say I _really_ don't like their anti-AI bias.

Holy shit, I just realized: someone needs to put together a 4DX presentation of Apocalypse: Now. BECAUSE THEN YOU REALLY COULD LOVE THE SMELL OF NAPALM IN THE MORNING.

I'm not kidding, the remastered aeron is _really_ nice.

After spending the latter half of last week plus the weekend sitting in my new Aeron, going back to the old version I have at work is ... disappointing? Might have to upgrade this one too before too long.

Last call before goodwill: Anybody want a used Aeron, size c, black. Could use some attention to the elevator (it tends to sink).

Oh, yeah. The new Aeron is super comfy. I can actually sit up straight properly.

Is it weird to be able to recognize a podcast by its room tone?

FWIW: Atomic Blonde was quite good.

Can't find all the discs for AoE3, won't buy it again, so giving up on that. Went to look at DOTA2, was confused it's already in my steam account. Then realized it's from Valve.

The downside to a fantastically powerful gaming rig: it consumes, and therefore exhausts, 400 watts. I would die of heat stroke before I finished installing a game.