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Martin Tithonium ๐Ÿ‘ฝ

Last call before goodwill: Anybody want a used Aeron, size c, black. Could use some attention to the elevator (it tends to sink).

Oh, yeah. The new Aeron is super comfy. I can actually sit up straight properly.

Is it weird to be able to recognize a podcast by its room tone?

Can't find all the discs for AoE3, won't buy it again, so giving up on that. Went to look at DOTA2, was confused it's already in my steam account. Then realized it's from Valve.

The downside to a fantastically powerful gaming rig: it consumes, and therefore exhausts, 400 watts. I would die of heat stroke before I finished installing a game.

Also, realized after I hit complete order that I used the wrong credit card. ah well.

Just ordered one of the new remastered Aerons. woot.

Anybody want an 18-year-old Aeron? size c, black. could use some minor repairs, which I can't be bothered to deal with when I want an excuse to buy the newer version.

A podcast where Ogre explains comics until I get disgusted at how ridiculous they are, stomp off, and slam the door. Which is the better title, "Marty Storms Out", or "Ogre talks, Marty walks"?

Ok, I'm now getting multiple trump emails a day. Probably time to disable the email address.

"I'm so glad I'm not a dog, it'd be boring eating the same thing every day" she says, makng her second bowl of ramen that day

Roomate: "O'Neil Cylinders just don't excite me."
Me: "There is something objectively wrong with your endocrine system."

I could unsubscribe, or invalidate that email alias... but I get so much pleasure out of marking them as spam.

Now I get emails almost daily from the GOP and the Trump org, pushing their bullshit.

So, I filled out a republican survey a while back, and had to give an email address.

"Because I'm smart, ess emm cue poop-emoji, smart."

I am perpetually here for ranting about #workplacewellness programs. They are terrible invasions of privacy, blatant attempts to circumvent GINA and HIPAA. Not to mention they neither save money for employers nor result in a healthier workforce. Thrilled to see actual academics working on the matter and talking explicitly about control and monitoring being the motives.