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Just encourages me to buy four of apple's Pro monitors later when I've got too much money again.

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I've got a pair of HP Envy 4k monitors I was going to use. One was Eltanin's second display, the other was sitting idle.

Looks like the power supply for the spare is probably somewhere in storage. ::P

Oh well, I can live with a single monitor for the moment.

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if I put every Apple sticker I have on the back window of my car, stick-figure-family style, I wouldn't be able to see out of it.

It's here! 9 hours before deadline!

I gotta say, Amazon's frustration-free-packaging has nothing on Apple's.

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Oh ho! Now they say Out For Delivery. [excited blob emoji]

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UPS says delivery today, but also says "being processed for delivery". So it's not on a truck yet, which has always meant "won't be delivered today" in the past. Guess we'll see.

Not sure we could have picked a worse time to sell the house.

And having ethics while doing so, fixing all the shit that's wrong, rather than leaving it as a surprise for the next owners like the flipper who sold to us? Totally screwing us.

My new computer is in Alaska. It's supposed to be here Friday. Woot.

Application of drain cleaner 3/4 successful. Sink is draining properly, tub is improved but not great.

Shoulda bought the bigger bottle.

Some complete idiot left his outside modem port forwarding to the wrong internal nat box after he had to replace things this weekend, so Plex has been broken this whole time.

It's me, I'm complete idiot.

Ok, so. Finished oncall. Wrote some APIs. /Documented/ the APIs. Started a big expensive data extraction. Went grocery shopping. Picked up a salad at Leena's.

I think we can call that a full day. I can stop now, right?

The universe will literally rewrite the laws of thermodynamics before it allows me to be comfortable.

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It's to the point that the A/C is unable to get things below about 72°F, while it's much cooler outside most of the day. I'm tempted to pull the cardboard off and open the window, but I just _know_ if I do that it'll shoot back to 90 tomorrow.

... they do seem to have over-stuffed the burritos tho, so I will give them big points for that.

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...but that doesn't make sitting in the drive thru for 10 minutes - while my food is ready - any less annoying.

Also doesn't make me happier when they screw up my order.

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I totally understand that a significant fraction of the workforce was effectively murdered by government incompetence, political malice, and the selfishness of a significant fraction of the survivors...

Trying to work up the ambition to take the trash and recycling out, then find dinner.

Not much success yet.

Finished Agency, and dang if it wasn't even better than The Peripheral.

Need more, now.

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