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I do _love_ Dax's outfit. What the 90s imagined as 20s fashion, and it _works_ for me.

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Oh, wow, wouldn't it suck to be a shapeshifter who couldn't trigger capacitive touch interfaces?

I amend that. They were stealing a lot of ration cards, so they might not be malnourished.

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Am I wrong to expect two _trained starfleet officers_ to do better in a fight against a bunch of malnourished randos on the street?

I always find it funny when someone beams through time and DOESN'T end up floating in empty space a hundred squijillion miles from the planet.

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Hey, time travel episode. To 29 years in the show's future!

2024. Let's see what we have so far. Security goons with brown uniforms and shotguns, demanding ID, in the 'Sanctuary District'. Yeah, totally plausible so far.

So, one of the drives is taking Longer Than It Used To to wake up on reboot. Or, perhaps, the additional ram is just making bootup that much faster than it used to be? Maybe I just need to delay zfs startup? hm.

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I think one of the drives on my zraid might be failing. The pool isn't being attached on boot, zfs-import-cache says "one or more devices is currently unavailable", but when I run `zpool import` everything says it's online.

"I promise you, Odo, you'll never be alone again."

You can probably arrest her for making threats, Odo, ambassador or not.

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Understandably so, given his historical attitudes, but still.

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Temperatures in my apartment have finally dropped back to where they were on 25 July. Still higher than I'd like, but it feels almost chilly after a week of low-to-mid 80s.

Oh, gods, I can't even lay in bed and mindlessly watch TikTok; I got bored. I'm broken, halp.

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Or, y'know, I could do it this weekend. Not super enthused about... much of anything.

Thinking I may've overspooned with work today.

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Oh, that's a thought. I could pick up Red Robin in northgate, then charge the car. Two trips to Redmond in the last week has put me down to "I should charge this weekend" levels.

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I honestly don't understand why anyone would prefer Zoom over Meet.

This would be a subtoot, except I don't think any of the relevant coworkers follow me.

And more or less as soon as I finished dealing with that, we had an Incident. A minor one, and it's already resolved, but now I'm running a semi-emergency deploy this afternoon then freezing deployments until tomorrow.

Ok, that wasn't so bad. Got the numbers, and USAP are going to bill the right people.

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And, of course, I don't have a cigna card, so I can't give them the correct data to bill. SO now I get to call Cigna.

Or I could stab myself in the eye. That sounds more pleasant.

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