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Just something to scratch the “people keep retweeting about this, give me a précis” sorta thing.

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Is there a website that explains each day’s twitter dramas in simple detail for people who are curious enough to pay minor attention but aren’t embedded in the relevant subculture?

Hm. 18 minutes into the new season and I’m massively disappointed in a main character, to the point of “if he isn’t bullshitting I think I might be done here.”

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I kinda like it when a show comes back from a long hiatus, but at the same time it’s pretty frustrating when I need to rewatch most of the previous season to remember wtf was going on and whotf these people are.

Also: I took the recycling out! Without whining about it online for two days first! You’re very proud of me!

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I have a very-first-generation Echo. It was in the living room and is currently in a bin I’m trying to empty out.

I don’t need it in the apartment, so I’m trying to decide between putting it into a different bin and sending it to ewaste.

(The dumpster was basically full. I topped it off the rest of the way.)

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Today’s learning: Saturday is the incorrect day for taking out the recycling.

I believe the child upstairs it attempting to murder ten billion imaginary cockroaches one at a time via enthusiastic jump stomping.

There are two people working checkin for this entire floor, which at least points toward the problem. They don’t seem to be adjusting their schedule load to account for their staffing issues.

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Nothing I enjoy more than scheduling a medical procedure, showing up early, then waiting long after my appointment time without word.

oh, followup. I managed to repro, and the serial console was completely unhelpful. So I just fiddled around with the code, wiped the device and reinstalled circuitpython, and now it's working perfectly. go figure.

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(I did not discover emlyn thru tiktok, that was thru YTM, but likely the other two were contributory)

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I'd like to reiterate the value of TikTok for music discovery. [bops along happily to KiNG MALA and Tessa Violet]

I've got a circuitpython device that keeps crashing and going into safemode. But _only_ when it's plugged into the wall, never when it's plugged into the computer, so I can never see wtf just failed. Grrrr.

Had to redo the last two Rivers of London before I could do the latest.

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Relistening to a novel because it's been too long and I want to start the sequel.

This happens a lot, but is worse with bigger series.

Why can't the places with the good fries also have really good burgers? Why can't the places with the good burgers also have really good fries?

Why does nobody serve steak fries in a drive thru?

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What I'm craving is circa-2018 Red Robin. A really good crispy chicken burger and a huge pile a steak fries.

If I went right now, I'd get a tiny pile of soggy fries and a bland sandwich that falls apart when you take a bite.

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