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Never ask the Dexcom app "could you be any shittier?" because it WILL take it as a challenge.

β€œTime travel is not a way to make me feel better.” Hehehehe

Went with Prodigy, and they did a TERRIBLE job with the sound mix matching on the Spock/Uhura/Odo clips.

Points for trying tho. And for a kids show, I’m sure it’s fine.

Oh right, that’s the other problem of living in an apartment: someone is cooking something that smells REALLY good.

Yesterday I did the costco run, and set up the living room (eg the tv and firecube), then finished Discovery S4 S11-13. Should I catch up on Prodigy or Picard first? I'm not starting SNW until I'm caught up on those.

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Now I'm trying to figure out whether to wait before I make dinner or just do it now. Also what to do after dinner, because I really do NOT want to do more unpacking at the moment. Maybe Picard?

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Today I got two workstations set up, put up shower caddies and hooks and put away the towels, and set up a knife block and silverware organizer.

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After massively overextending myself over the weekend, and suffering for it, I decided to accomplish _one_ apartment-setup task per day this week.

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It's a third after sixteen, and I've already accomplished 3x as much as I'd intended to today.

Not saying that's a lot, but it's still 3x.

I still need to get Juno and the Flic hub set up, but getting Juno working, and making them talk to each other without my own internal DNS will be a pita. Juno is a headless rpi, and the flic makes http calls to it by name. ::P

I'm just using the router's DHCP, which is Not Ideal, and would like to get my own NAT in between, so I can use my proper internal IP addresses and DNS, but this is fine for now.

Ok. As of now, my personal machine, my work machine, and my gaming machine are all set up and working.


I am disturbingly suggestible when it comes to food. I'm setting up my workstation, the desk is dirty, I think I should have cleaned it first, which makes me think of lemon Pledge, which makes me think of Lemonheads, which I'm now craving.

(The work laptop does not have a name, because I don't have privs to rename it, because work IT are heavy handed. So it's just "work laptop" or "C", which is the first letter of its IT code)

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Eltanin is now up and running in the apartment. Trying to decide between setting up the work laptop next, or Tarazed.

Asking me to enter my password right after I’ve finished your annoying two-factor process is a good way to make me abandon your site.

The concept of seeking out dinner - either making something or going out and getting something - fills me with what I can only describe as dread.

Can I just skip to bedtime now?

Main desk is now assembled. Computers will maybe go up tomorrow.

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