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The socks are not making this any more pleasant. But at least they’re reducing the mess. [sigh]

I really hate wearing socks to bed, but in another three or four days I’m really gonna love the reason I need to.

This is why I can never live in an apartment long term again. I need this too much.

_Criminal_ with proper bass behind it, oh yes. [purr]

Moved to the bedroom, and the subwoofer is rattling one of the paintings on the wall. Might need to turn it down a little.

SixMore had multiple bio fields with individual privacy levels. I always had a friends-only one that said “trust in me and fall as well” and that alone is a reason to bring the site back.

🎵 Waiting like a stalking butler 🎶 who upon the finger rests🎵

By. Drop by briefly. Sigh.

Maybe I just need a copy editor.

This is the first time all day I haven’t been particularly depressed. Do I need to become an alcoholic or just have people drop briefly every day? Needs research.

A good subwoofer works just fine from halfway across the house, if you turn the volume up far enough.

Sitting in the living room, drinking a third&third (I’m out of half&half so couldn’t make a proper third&third&third), listening to music on the Sonos. Just added in my bedroom speakers so I could get the subwoofer involved.

Nothing quite like spending 45 minutes making breakfast and when you’re done you don’t want it anymore.

🎵 Like sharpened knives through chicken mcnuggets 🎵

I don’t feel ready to go back to work on Monday.

If you're going to do zoom calls as part of your patreon, you should send out announcements ahead of time so people can schedule for it.
Even if it's the same time the same day of the month, it doesn't matter. It's not hard to send an extra "BTW, zoom call this Saturday 5pm PXT".

It’s been a very very long time since I’ve been able to crank the bass up that high. [sighs contentedly]

Particularly when those "three times in a row" take place across three or four years, and are part of the reason you find it so hard to find motivation to work on personal projects at all.

This is the bad kind of positive feedback loop.

It's disheartening to be working on a personal project and hit "nope, that was a mistake. toss it and start again".

It's much worse to do it three times in a row.

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