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Ok, anybody local interested in trading tedious repetitive activity for money?

I've got a very large pile of floppy disks I want to rip.

I would very much like to stop waking up at 5am, but until I go off-call, I can’t use heavy artillery to achieve that goal.

I feel like there are two, maybe three people who actually give a damn where I live, and I should stop shopping based on ability to throw parties, but that might just be my regular Saturday night depression talking.

… if I’m going to consider that I should just move to the family farm back in Kansas. If I live long enough, I’m going to inherit it anyway.

Oh look, I could literally buy the farm(house). 2700sqft on 20acres, outside ritzville, for 800k.

Here’s one ON the lake, fanTAStic bathroom, 200k less than I’m expecting to spend closer to town. *sigh*

Here’s a pretty nice looking house, lots of space, decent kitchen, nice bathroom, and acre of land, for half of what I’m expecting to spend. … in Moses lake.

. o O ( if I move far enough away, nobody will ever visit me, and I can save a lot of money by buying a smaller house. But far enough out, I can buy a lot more house for the same money. But that far out nobody will……… )

I really need to put comments on my redfin faves when I fave them. I'm going back and doing it now and keep unfavoriting things because I'm like "why did I like this? ew."

Ok, I've got 45 minutes and a thousand bucks to put where my extremely angry mouth is. Point me.

I am habitually pessimistic. It's a defense mechanism: if I'm wrong, that's great, if I'm right, yay, I'm right. right?

jfc, i'm sick of being right _all the fucking time_.

I’m on-call, so no sleep medicine. I do not like taking three hours to get to sleep then waking up at four.

L pointed me to a house today down in Des Moines that, while not perfect, would at least be entirely acceptable; and it’s cheap enough I would still be able to afford to do some serious remodeling. Again, pity it won’t be for sale when I’m ready to buy.

Dear real estate agents: a video tour should not just be a slideshow of the photos. Move the camera around in the house and let us see how the rooms are connected.

If I DID start throwing parties again, would people show? Or are we all too old for that sort of thing now?

This affects the sort of things I’m looking for in a house (room to entertain, quality of kitchen, parking availability, etc).

Maybe I should take the opportunity to move to a different country.

Pity Scotland hasn’t scexited yet.

What's your preferred linux distro for headless servers?

Yes, brain, I get it, our anxiety level is off the charts and we worked a ten hour day, CALM THE FUCK DOWN please or I'm getting out the vodka.

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