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Doesn't help that we were just talking about the JWST and how long it's taken.

I'm in a patreon zoom call with a 20-something science communicator, and I'm pretty sure everybody else on the call is in a similar age group, and I'm feeling very very very old with some of the conversation.

Looks like I _really_ need to get caught up on ST:LD, but I haven't been keeping up with tv for a couple weeks now, and that doesn't look to be changing soon.

Continuing to read these old posts, it’s clear to me that I was a lot more interesting when I was younger.

Re-reading an old tumblr post (ported to and suddenly wanted to order from But what I really _want_ is Mustrum Ridcully's hat. At least as far as the drawers and pockets go. I don't need the tent functionality.

It's not even 14 yet, and I've accomplished everything I intended to accomplish today. I'm wandering around my rooms trying to figure out what to do with myself.

Ok. Storage achieved. Turns out I have 135 gallons of stuffed animals in the storage unit.

Two SUVs loaded full of stuff to take to storage in the morning. I am mildly excited to see the rear wall of my closet again.

Netflix just sent another "we just added a show you might like": Seinfeld. What in the name of almighty Zarquon are they doing with their recommendation algorithm? Amazon regularly suggests _hookahs_ to me and does a better job.

Retweeted an author about a book of theirs I enjoyed the other day and was once again tempted to start up a (new) review blog. Now wondering if I should restart my newsletter for the purpose instead.

Remind me why I'm not allowed to burn the house down, again?

ok. six large bins and one medium bin have had their contents identified (vaguely), been labeled, been photographed, and move into the living room to they can be loaded into a car tomorrow and taken to storage saturday.

After an 11hr day followed by a 10hr day with exciting Shit Threatening To Fall Over Action(tm), I seem to be experiencing some anxiety this evening.


Having lots of fun with all my iOS devices insisting my mail server's certs are invalid, because I switched from running my own CA to using LetsEncrypt.

Here's a secret: You know how microwave popcorn tastes when it _just barely_ started to burn? I love that flavor.

Not even out of bed yet, but already angry at selfish shitbeasts who don’t understand they live in a society and have responsibilities to other people.

Finally contacted someone about repairing my old aeron that broke... long enough ago that I can't find when it broke in my post history.

I had it fixed back in March, I know, but it broke differently a couple months later.

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