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What is the closest currently-published thing to OMNI magazine?

While we're at it, I would also like to recommend we bring back bloody revolution and heads on pikes.

But making my podcast player look like a tape deck is a good start.

I’ve waited nine months to upgrade my iPhone and they got rid of the purple? Fuckers.

Do they make vertical indoor units for ductless A/C? I don't really have anywhere in my office where the standard horizontal units would fit.

I was going to spend today cleaning/organizing my rooms.

Has someone seen where I set down my ambition? I can't start without it...

Steam reports I own 267 games. Why isn't there anything I want to play?

It's been most of two years, why hasn't science given us takeout food that isn't soggy and gross? Why are the only edible choices to make food at home or get drive thru fast food?

What I want: to sit down in a restaurant and eat a couple bowls of cheesy potato soup.
What I do not want to do: drive to a restaurant, get cheesy potato soup takeout, drive home, and be disappointed by soup that isn't very good anymore.

Just finished my second playthru of Horizon Zero Dawn, and today of all days... I think I should have let HADES win.

Protip: Clean your mousepad more than once a decade.

I cleaned my desk, but still can't find my favorite pen.

Object permanence is a lie told to us by Ikea to sell more drawer organizers.

Trying to drunkenly throw money at people is surprisingly inconvenient. Too bad for anybody using venmo.

Now is your chance to take advantage of the financially-overprivileged intoxicated humanoid. Quick, before he gets bored and wanders away.

Look, did I NEED to carbonate 275ml of vodka then drink most of it with some cherry syrup? No.

Did I do it anyway? SHUT UP.

The carbonated vodka would have worked better if I’d chilled it first.

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