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Carbonated orange juice, on the other hand, is interesting.

I would like someone to tell me, from a philosophical view not technical, why THE FUCK a failing 100mbit switch 7 SWITCHES AWAY should be able to cause massive packet loss between two devices on the same gig switch.

Unrelatedly: carbonating lemonade doesn't really add anything of value.

Just noticed I used two different 'isolate's there. "Identified" and "disconnect" in this case.

ok, I think I've isolated the part of the network where the problem is occurring. fortunately, it's a part I can temporarily isolate.

qq[I mentioned something to both A[…] and T[…] about my observation of your work that I realized I should share with you. I mentioned to both of them over the past 2-3 weeks, β€œMarty is the engineer I’d like to be.”] Well, that just made my terrible day a little brighter.

I am at a loss. I don’t know what else to try at this point.

It’s purely internal. Put my phone on lte and I can reach the clacks no problem. External sites can ping my servers no problem. It’s only when I try to reach anything inside the network from inside the network that it falls apart.

And then I ping something four switches away and get only 10% loss. wtaf.

I've swapped out half the switches in my office, and I'm still getting 30-60% packet loss, sometimes between devices ON THE SAME SWITCH.

Nothing quite like waking up at 2am to find the internet is down and the local network is even more down. 20 minutes later, the internet is 100% up but I'm getting 30% packet loss across the lan. fuck.

Ever hit a point where you have so many changed files that you just don't want to open the project anymore because you can't stand the idea of trying to sort them into reasonable commits?

All software is terrible and everybody who writes software is a bad person who should feel bad.

I don't own a lot of stock in anything, but I still get to vote. And they make it really easy: The boards almost always provide guidance whether you should vote for or against, so I just vote opposite their guidance and I'm done.

Why does 'heat pump' almost always exclusively mean something for heating the inside of the house, and 'air conditioner' for cooling? They're both accurate names for either function. [shakes fist at stupid language]

If I wanted to look at getting a ductless a/c system installed, does anybody have recommendations for companies to talk to _besides_ Washington Energy Services (they're kinda the obvious default).

Or maybe hanging off the side of the external server rack, even.

I think it's time to seriously rethink the internal server rack. It takes up a lot of volume for very little server density. I best I could move everything to a board mounted on the closet door...

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