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My Echo said something mean when running my morning routine today: it said “vacation ends at twelve am tomorrow”.

I really want to go see Free Guy in a theater, but I'm not willing to sit two hours in an overwarm room with a mask on. So, here's another thing the unvaxxed and antimaskers have ruined for me.

"There is at least one thing primitives are good at"


Nope. Super fucking laggy even at 1920x1080 medium quality. Fuuuuuck that.

Replacement gaming rig arrived while I was gone. I've got it up and running and it seems to be going ok.

Giving Star Citizen one last try on it. If it doesn't play acceptably at default settings, I'm just walking away entirely.

"Would have liked to run tests on the seashells"


I ... am definitely not planning to do another 4000 mile road trip. Ever.

Won't say never, just... really similar to never.

let's see.. i left the hotel around 5:40 something in the morning, got home around 17:30 a timezone behind. Call it 13 hours. At least 100 minutes of which should have been avoidable.

I. am in. MY BED.

As I feared, it feels rather too soft.
I will adapt.

As I've been doing known-unsafe things (like "leaving the house" and "existing in the midwest"), i'm going to quarantine in my rooms for a few days.

I'm home now, btw. Very tired.
Car is unloaded, except for the trash and the desk. That can wait for tomorrow.

I am so hard on my manicures. I got new nails before my trip, and have already lost five of them, three just today.

Do I want to experiment with a taco time that isn’t part of taco time nw?

Dinner plan cancelled by google being full of bad data and “helpful” suggestions. Pondering alternatives.

Hm. Charge failed after 15% added. Now the station shows that CABLE, but not the other one, as unavailable.

The air in Mountain Home has a flavor. Not quite campfire, but definitely yesterday’s campfire.

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