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Oh, I take that back: one flaw. Need a different cooler. Seat shape makes the standard playmate-type hard to open. Will be an issue to access while driving.

Got a little less than five hours of driving left, plus lunch at my next stop. Probably home by nine, maybe ten if I decide to grab dinner somewhere. Test well within parameters.

The adaptive cruise control has been fantastic. Travel assist is mostly fine, occasionally a little abrupt.

Also, decided to wear the hiking sneakers today, which I was worried about, but they’re doing fine. Right ankle is a little stiff from hovering (no good place to rest your right foot in a car!), but eh.

Left the house at a quarter to eight, it’s now fifteen. Seven hours so far, pretty much all of it in the car, most of it driving. Going well. Definitely discovering I like the lumbar massage function, tho.

91 degrees in hood river or. I do not approve.

Charging takes longer when the AC is running, for one thing.

Half an hour in a Walmart parking lot, waiting to get to 80% charge. Then two hours to Hood River and another half hour. Central WA doesn’t have a lot of fast chargers, at least along this route. Will have a lot better options coming back along 5.

Ah, no. I have more range than expected. I don’t need to charge until Yakima.

Arrived in scenic Ellensburg. Waiting for my burger. Then off to Taco Bell to charge for the next leg.

Ok. Giving up, for the moment, on a weekend in portland. Instead I've planned a fairly good simulation of one day of the road trip: Seattle to Ellensburg to Troutdale to Seattle. Burgers and "fish" along the way.

I’ve priced out an entirely acceptable system via Artesian. NZXT won’t let me build _quite_ what I want, so I’m skipping them. Anybody have other suggestions for places to shop?

I’ve had some bad experiences with AMD in the past, but I feel like they may be slightly ahead in the race these days? Am I reading too much into it? Should I care? Should I just stick with Intel?

Meanwhile, on the assumption that I'm going to end up buying a new gaming rig elsewhere, WHO do you recommend?

I'm in a better financial position now than I was when I bought the thing to begin with. I could just go and buy a new system from somewhere else, and if they do manage to send me something that works, find some use for it or give it to somebody. But that feels wasteful.

I am, needless to say, less than enthused about this process.

Dell wants to send me a refurb full-replacement instead of a refund. My reply: "Sure, fine, we can try a full replacement, BUT if the new system doesn't work, WHAT THEN? Am I going to have to sue to get my money back, or are you going to relent?"

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