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Ok. Had breakfast at Leena’s, and dropped the giant eink screen off at the frame store. Back home now, trying to work up the ambition to go to Theorem. Was going to see about a movie too, but nothing I want to see is playing until evening.


1password has changed how their extension behaves again, and it's again really pissing me off. [sigh]

ok.. 71 hours of drive time, plus 16 hours of charge time, plus downtime and breaks.

Should I plan to listen to several _shorter_ books, or one or two _really long_ books?

"I paid good money for those napkins; you'd BETTER eat them!"

A twenty foot tall furby shouting “let the dark harvest begin” is simultaneously hilarious and horrifying

They’re trying so hard and it’s just not working. I hope they had a lot of fun, at least.

Ok, no, this is not … right. Just no.


Ok, now I see what everybody was talking about re the musical episode. Hash tag I smell toast.

It’s going to be white and grey, but Grey Area is just too much, right?

I definitely shouldn’t name it Falling Outside the Normal Moral Constraints.

I really need to move on from wanting to name every self-motile machine “Murderbot”, but it’s difficult.

But I might name the car ART. I’ll try to change my mind before I buy it.

Where do YOU look for new masks these days? I want something summer-weight, with adjustable ear straps (I've got a big head). And preferably slightly less-boring than the ones I've got.

Is it silly to own your own brannock device? Sure. Did I just dig mine out and use it to verify I was ordering the right size shoes off the internet? I did. Is this the first time I've done that? It is not.

According to the harassment training I'm taking right now, my age is high enough to be a protected characteristic and that stings a bit.

At this point I've given my airpods pro up as forever lost. I've got enough rewards points thru my becu card that I could get a new set 'free', but I can't decide if it's worthwhile. I didn't use them that much, and they're clearly a little too easy to lose when I did use them.

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