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Started watching GvK. Opening credits just started and I'd swear I've already lost 10 IQ points.

β€œAnd she wondered what Grandad feared more: that dead clacksmen could send messages to the living, or that they couldn’t.”

The truck is getting bigger as a function of time. Slowly, but.

Got my first shot today (Pfizer). Already feeling like I’ve been hit by a (small) truck.

Not feeling super great today, but really want to get these f'ing specs passing before I fall over.

So, emergency serotonin injection: tom holland lip sync battle, rubber chicken immigrant song, censored count von count...

Ah, no. Not order dependent.. PRNG dependent. A given string can decrypt under either of two keys, one of which is correct. Awesome.

[burns it all down]

order-dependent spec failures are bad enough, but order-dependent heisenbugs? GAH.

Dear Lazyweb: I need an adjective to describe messy code that's _worse_ than spaghetti. I'm not quite willing to go so far as "shit show", but it's in that direction.


Just to state formally...

Dear coworkers: It's not creepy to follow me on mastodon or twitter, really. Welcome, and enjoy the insanity.

Dear managers: You don't count.

Really enjoy a 30m 1:1 turning into an hour-long communist rant session. That made waking up today entirely worth it.

The greying of my facial hair currently makes it look, on camera, like I have serious mutton chops.

🎡 'Cause another and another coming up out of the gutter 🎢 till I'm drowning in an ocean of entitled motherfuckers 🎡

Hour and three-quarter outage, three powercycles of the cable modem, one remote reboot... and the tech is convinced that it started working agains because she tried pinging my IP addresses.

I literally cannot roll my eyes hard enough.

Awesome. Sonos is no longer remembering the position I paused at in an audiobook, either with Audible or Plex. Which makes it COMPLETELY useless for listening to books. So glad I installed the latest update. ::P

AH! Found it. It was in an inadequately-labeled note in an encrypted notes app. Now copied to password manager. ::P

TFW you can't find the code to your storage space, and it doesn't appear to be in your password manager, and you can't figure out wheretf you would have stored it otherwise.

What I really need are some male-male m2.5 spacers with reversed chirality on one side, so I can make the whole thing modular.

Or build a proper microrack, I suppose.

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