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[spend the morning playing video games] [notices a news alert on phone] [sighs] [goes back to video games]

I cannot express how desperately I need a manicure.

Yup, delayed emptying. Now to schedule Yet Another Appointment to discuss treatment.

Do people really think "Oh, somebody bought an ipad pro using my account, best click this link to cancel that order!" like, seriously?

Do these fake-amazon-receipt emails really work on anybody?

So, what, I have to phish _myself_ now? I don't have time for that!

Watching VOD content means unskippable ads. So I just saw an American Idol ad and they’re trying to be heartwarming blah blah showing this homeless mom and I’m yelling at the tv, every one of you fuckers up there could make her not homeless with a wave of a fucking pen and nope we’re watching you use her to tease a fucking singing contest.

Radioactive eggs and toast with strawberry jam.

I hate jam. Gross.

Halfway thru the first ep of Resident Alien and realizing I approached this “living among humans” thing ALL wrong from the start.

"Eggs are so inadequate, don’t you think? I mean, they ought to be able to become anything, but instead you _always_ get a chicken. Or a duck. Or whatever they’re programmed to be. You never get anything /interesting/, like... regret, or the middle of the night last week."

I hurt all over, almost like I spent the whole night with my muscles tensed for some reason. ::P

Forgot my sleep medicine last night. So many stressful dreams. I think the worst was being Vice President to a president and country that didn’t like me and being bullied at the inauguration party.

It would be nice to blame this on the extra stress of the pandemic et al, but no, my brain's always been an asshole.

Huge pile of new-to-me media to consume => only want to re-consume old favorites => feel guilty about not touching the new stuff => do neither

Thanks brain, fuck you too.

A thought occurs, much too late: when dealing with a digestive issue that could conceivably become life-threatening, perhaps consuming large quantities of something extremely red, which STAYS red all the way through, was a bad idea.

“Why are you lying face down in the dust?”

“It's a very effective way of being wretched.”

I gambled and risked it.

I lost.

Hash tag recognizably breakfast

Hmm. If I don’t, I probably won’t sleep at all. Again. Which I really don’t need. I’ll risk it.

Debating whether to take my sleep medicine. Pro: I go on call tomorrow and need to actually sleep tonight. Con: I don’t want to risk throwing it up along with all my pills.

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