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“How can I tell that the past isn’t a fiction designed to account for the discrepancy between my immediate physical sensations and my state of mind?”

Had to edit out what little nuance there was in that to get it to fit onto twitter. ::P

Inappropriate opinion:

I'm okay with those who want to do it having a big thanksgiving with anyone else who also does; ditto a big christmas.

Then broadcast video of their bodies being bulldozed into mass graves. Maybe those left alive after will finally get the fucking point.

Anybody remember Young Zaphod Plays It Safe? Remember the description of why all the horrible things were perfectly safe?

I really wish he was alive to write a modern version. We’ve badly needed his satire this past decade.

Definitely not in my livejournal, then. couldn't find an archive, but skimmed thru subjects on my dreamwidth, which I'd ported all my lj content to, and couldn't find any reviews. So, all my old reviews are probably lost.

anybody remember _where_ I posted them?

Ok, I’m _pretty_ sure the name I used in the blog post was the online alias for someone who I DO remember, but that was still pretty disturbing.

Ok, pretty sure the reviews aren’t in that blog. Which means the only other place I can think of that might have them AND still exists would be my livejournal. I expect I still have the archive for that somewhere.

Like, not even “oh yeah, I forgot!” but fully “who? I don’t recognize the name.”

Extremely disturbing.

[stares in horror upon discovering he’s completely forgotten about a past sexual partner]

BTW, reading a blog via sql select statements is tedious.

Well, I found an ancient blog of mine from 2002 and I’m skimming it and cringing mightily.

For that matter, I should go find all my old reviews.

I should start doing movie reviews again. My friends used to make fun of the fact that most of my ratings were in the six-to-nine little-alien-heads range. Out of five.

This post inspired by my rewatch of Charlie’s Angels (2019).

Thank you McDonald’s for not caving to their stupidity.

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Waiting for curbside at McDonald’s and idiots are STILL walking up to the door, looking at the “you can’t come inside” sign AND THEN TRYING THE DOOR.

This is why the lockdown will never end.

I'm just going to have to start replying to every republican politician's tweets with "Are you really this stupid? Or are you pretending for the audience?", aren't I?

Well, I hurt and am tired and sweaty, but my ridiculous expensive fancy bidet is installed and is pretty awesome.

Also, I hate anything related to plumbing.

My BOOX Max Lumi just arrived and I'm already finding it more functional for my purposes than the Remarkable2. Big enough I don't need to zoom to read the docs, and I can write on both pdfs and mobi (haven't tried other formats yet).

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