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This is exactly the kind of day when I wish the giant windows in the living room opened.

Hail is not something I would normally describe as "torrential", but...

The sun has come out, and the rain-residue is steaming off the roof of the carport. Freaked me out, when I saw what appeared to be smoke coming from where my car is parked.

Is it weird that the human genome is only 3/4 of a gigabyte? That's raw base pair data encoded 4 pairs to a byte. Slowships don't need giant holds full of embryos, they just need a redundant set of storage raids and a dna printer.

I feel the urge to be recreationally intoxicated, but am not sure I can currently enjoy it properly.

Ate an entire order of Five Star Spicy Hot Chicken from Chiang’s for dinner last night. Just did it again tonight. And I’ve got a third for lunch tomorrow.

I may never be congested again.

β€œOh, jambalaya!” β€œNo, uh, jumbled liar.” β€œI meant dinner, not the debate.”

Turned it back on for all of 13 seconds and he lied and I turned it back off.

Ok, no. Alcohol poisoning sounds like an unpleasant death. [turns it off]

How long until I have to start drinking?

How long until I have to stop watching?

Will this kill me?

Place your bets now.

I believe he's saying do as we say not as we do. Not that they said it.

It's not even, like, that common a phrase. Do you think you're being clever in avoiding spam or some shit? I've got your vacation receipts, Sarah. I've got your totally-not-being-used-for-fraud-I'm-sure paypal, Jean-Pierre. I've got your onstar data, Ms Marsh, and you _really_ need to get your car looked at.

Dear Internet Persons: What, in the name of all sanity, could make you think that my gmail address, which I've had pretty much as long as there has _been_ a gmail, is yours?

Or that you should use it to sign up for anything on the internet?

Why am I, very suddenly, craving buttercream frosting?

I was always pretty good at physics in school. But here’s what I don’t understand: why does my top sheet rotate 90deg overnight if it starts correct, but stays where it is if it’s already wrong?

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