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Why do I get so rambly talking to custom service voicemails?

1tb microsd cards for a quarter per gig. Am I the only person with an overwhelming urge to build a teeny tiny zraid file server?

I have _obligated_ myself to leave the house so that I'll actually, y'know, leave the house.

Guess I should get on that.

Been running mkp224o for just shy of 23 days, and have found 2021 'martian' prefixes, and 1 'tithonium'. I should stop now.

I'm not, but I should.

Got things I need to get done today, some of which involve leaving the house.

I... do not want to leave the house. I very don't.

As comfy as the Purple sheets are, they’ve nothing on real linen. [luxuriates happily]

Shared this with work, figured I might as well share it here too: the contents of my Antique Palmtops bin.

Not every palmtop I’ve ever owned, sadly. Many are missing, and some of these are replacements.

Inconveniently, you can't have names longer than 16 characters, so it shows up as 'Cons Murderbot' in the app. Changed from 'L.Cons Murderbot'. Wondering if 'CST Murderbot' would be better?

Forgot to report: LCMB not only successfully ran the scheduled clean, but I was distracted and didn't even realize it was happening until I heard it finish. It has been promoted to Constable Murderbot.

"It drives me mad!"
"Well, ok, it walks-me-next-door to mad."

I need a media search AI. Something I watched in the past couple months had someone drinking out of a really cool glass, so I need to be able to pull up every scene involving drinking from everything I’ve seen lately

Anyway, as soon as it has successfully completed a scheduled cleaning (10am tomorrow), it gets promoted to full constable. Since I don't intend to let it stab me or the furniture, I'll need to work out some other rules for further promotions.

LCMB has not yet fully expressed a gender (though one might be tempted to make assumptions from the way it belligerently bangs its face into things), so I'm trying to stick with 'it' for the moment.

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