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If you proclaim you are neutral, you're not, you're just on the wrong side.

If you're happy to roll over to whoever pushes harder, you're in favor of letting the fascists win. Of letting the dehumanizers win. Of letting the monsters who want nothing but to take and take and secure their own positions, at any cost so long as they aren't the ones paying it.

There is no "neutral" position. There is no "We'll just keep things like they are _right now_." For one, that's pretty shitty, and for another, there are too many forces pushing in various directions. So "neutrality" isn't status quo, neutrality is "whoever pushes harder can win, I don't care".

(US-centric) I just had to unfollow someone on tiktok because they were asserting political neutrality.

No. You can't be neutral in this. You are pro-Trump or you are anti-Trump. You are pro-fascism or anti-fascism. You either think people should be treated like people and society has a responsibility to its members, or you do not.

Dear awesome people I follow on TikTok: please either stop creating Patreons, or stop being awesome. This is getting expensive.

[checks mail] “pride membership drive”? I don’t want a membership to Pride. I want a membership to Wrath!

Yes, I had a method named Δtʲ²⁰⁰⁰, and I _LIKED_ it. Now it's δtʲ²⁰⁰⁰, and I'm thinking of just dropping the greek altogether out of grumpiness.

Just spent a moment poking at an old, incomplete gem I had laying around, which does time calculations for other planets. It has a lot of notation lifted out of scientific papers, which means I have variables and methods that start with Δ all over the place. Well, I didn't have ruby 2.2 installed anymore, so I switched to 2.6.. and those are all considered constants now because of the capital delta.

"401(k) plans no longer make much sense for savers" They never did. They're a scam to get you to gamble your retirement on the stock market, and thus help make money FOR the rich assholes who should be PAYING for your retirement.

Tell me I'm wrong, I dare you.

I do wish people wouldn't link to songs on Spotify. You can't even listen to a snippet without logging in, and I'm _not_ going to log in just to figure out if I want to hear whatever you just linked to.

No, amend that: I wish Spotify didn't suck in this particular way.

I keep going back there. Stop opening the site, self. Go clean your room or build some webcams or play a video game or drink some bleach or _something_ *anything* healthier than reading twitter.

This is the third day in a row that my Comcast _business_ internet is flaking out. The modem keeps losing sync. Not the multi-hour outages of thursday, but still makes it mostly useless. At what point do I call and threaten to sue my way out of my contract?

[wakes up] [checks twitter] [closes twitter] [regrets not moving to another country when it was still possible]

When I went to bed, I set the A/C to 68, since it was cycling off because of the inconsistent air circulation. This morning, my bedroom is at 68. Office is at 72. I call it success. Just need to set up a better arrangements of fans to circulate things more evenly.

you're god damn right i'm mad enough to flood your timeline about cloudflare over a 15 minute outage, i am very tired of the many ways that capitalism has hijacked a communications network that stands as one of the most impressive technological human accomplishments and fucking ruined it for profit

1995: "The internet sees censorship as damage, and routes around it."

2020: "One shitty company had a bad day, now nothing on the internet works."

Ah, progress.

‪I’m sorry for this, btw. I was thinking about dad jokes and then about pain killers and this is what my brain does.‬

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What do you call pain medication that makes your butt twitch?


Ok. A/C installation has left me extremely sore, and I imagine my back is going to have Things To Say very shortly. Going to take the Heavy Pain Drugs, go to bed, and watch podcasts and tiktoks until I can sleep.

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