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This is me, trying to find a base building game I really enjoy, and preferably which I can get other people interested in playing with me:

(really liking Satisfactory so far, except for some frustrating bugs around vehicles)

Hm. Father’s Day doesn’t usually bother me. Maybe I’ve been hanging out on tiktok too much.

[wanders away from the internet in search of breakfast]

9:21. I’ve had a fan IN the window all night, sucking air in. It is 75.7F in my office. And that’s with the transcoding box AND the gaming rig turned off.

Further, more disquieting, math ensues: anyone under roughly 27 is, technically and legally, “young enough for me to be eir father”.

I’m going to go to sleep before I hurt myself any further with this ‘thinking’ bullshit.

That last post caused me to do some mental arithmetic. 1) my vasectomy is old enough to vote. 2) I’ve been diabetic for two thirds of my life, on average. (29y for T2, 27 for T1, 2/3 would be 28.7). I have a vague memory of the first time I realized my diabetes was old enough to drink.

I need to be stopped. 1) it’s 1:48, and I went to bed three hours ago; 2) I’ve followed three people just to increase their follower count because they looked sad about it; 3) I’ve followed two people just because I want to find out the next part of the mystery. And I blocked one trump apologist young enough for me to be her father.

Ok, time to get back off the internet, possibly forever, I don't know why I keep looking at it.

Why did I look at the replies to a tweet from the governor? I already know my state is full of complete fucking morons, I didn't need to see all the people complaining about stay at home orders and masks to be reminded of it.

Always embarrassing to finally get annoyed enough to make a statement about something, only to find i'm 19 hours late and the policy has already been reversed.

Woke up at 6am, because my brain is an asshole. But successfully snoozed for a couple hours - not sleep, but rewarding enough - and then read internet for an hour. Now ready to be awake.

Gods damnit, Marty, stop watching tiktok and go to sleep.

TFW you can't tell if you're high or low.

By which I mean "intoxicated" or "dying of an insulin overdose".

(I checked, it's "both". Yay, excuse to eat more candy.)

Damned tiktok kids making me learn new slang. [shakes cane]

a) it is 8pm, and 87.8°F in my office.
b) why, the hell, did I open twitter?

I am sad. At the world, at people, and mostly that I’m still awake at almost 23 and my alarm goes off at 7:30.

Is there an -oomer word for the group between gloomers(genx) and zoomers? Boomers, gloomers, millennials, and zoomers kinda has a bump in the rhythm, if you see what I mean.

‪I need something stronger then “block”. I need to forget I ever knew this person existed before I blocked them.‬

Oh, maybe that’s “vodka”. I don’t think I have enough...

Drove thru Kirkland. Out of something like 100-150 people walking around - including a group playing volleyball - I saw maybe 20 masks total. Including only _one_ family will small children who were wearing, out of at least half a dozen.

I look forward to them all dying. I honestly do.

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