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Things were going so well. I’ve been scrolling through TikTok, found some hilarious videos... but then came across someone who was extremely excited to discover a telnet-reachable ASCII Star Wars. Declared it the greatest “terminal command” ever... And wasn’t sure if it would work on windows. Kids these days… I fucking despair.

Holy shit, I just realized it's been a year since I left Atria.

Still glad. Fuck those guys.

Honestly not sure how they've managed to drag the corpse as far as they have since.

Also I need to figure out what kind of knife to tape to it. Suggestions welcome. I was thinking I’d prefer something technically illegal in this state, but maybe shouldn’t ask for suggestions on the internet in that case.

Have decided to buy a Roomba i7+, and name it Lance Constable Murderbot (leaves it plenty of room for promotions). BUT I will not allow myself to buy it until I can use it, and that means more progress cleaning my rooms.

I meant to go to Reseda that one trip to LA. Ended up going to Santa Monica Pier instead, for... let us say... overly-hopeful similar reasons.

🎵 We are all, in some way or another, going to Reseda, someday, to die 🎵

[sees tweets hating on Bezos] Somebody’s already told the world about the giant used sneakers, right? I don’t have to tell my story?

My “sleep medicine” is well and truly kicked in, and I still don’t get it.

Honestly it’s more about the spoons these days, than the ... whatever the term for that is.

What IS the term for that? It’s not exactly imposter syndrome.. it’s “nobody is interested”, not “I’m not right”.

1. [Sees a like on a tweet where I recommend a book] 2. “I should post more book/music recs” 3. “Oh, I could create a new post type in my tumblelog” 4. “I should create more content” 5. “Oh, right, whenever I have the correct spoons for that, I’m also convinced nobody is interested.”

I created a tiktok account earlier, for reasons. I just spent fifteen minutes or so watching... things.

I don’t get it.

No, like, I honestly don’t grok at all. I... might have finally hit my can’t-understand-kids-these-days moment.


I seem to have spent the past ten-or-so hours playing Astroneer. I feel like I should have accomplished something more useful. On the other hand, slowly hollowing out a planet's core while complaining about your vehicle's shitty handling is surprisingly relaxing.

No, YOU'RE working on turning a 2011 Kindle Touch into a doorbell for your bedroom.

Oh, wait.

Oh, right. THAT'S why I instinctively hate sales people.

Having made the decision not to buy a case for my new Kindle oasis, I’m going through my sticker drawer, trying to find something appropriate.

We’ll always have _______

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