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[stares around room, trying to socially-distance from this movie] I think I need a better layout for my bedroom.

not so much telegraphing as "galaxy-wide ftl communications network"ing. subtle as a reindeer kick to the face.

"Ok, I'll try to watch some TV" [turns on tv] "Oh, Frozen 2. I'll watch that. ... hm, been long enough, I should rewatch the end of 1 first" [starts movie so ice cutting scene can play, makes food] [food takes a while, hide her powers scene happens] "OH RIGHT THAT'S WHY I THIS MOVIE MADE ME ANGRY AND I HATE EVERYBODY WHO EVER LIVED!" [fast forwards]

I consider my depression to be defective. The more depressed I am, the _less_ I can just vegetate in front of the tv and consume media.

I haven't watched any TV in at least three weeks. I tried to watch an ep of B99, and it did not go well.

I did manage to re-listen to the Ancillary books over the past few days, but anything _new_ is right out.

It's very frustrating.

I think I may've mentioned that I have this giant text file full of ancient urls I've been going thru.

One that just came up was my twitter analytics page.

I should never ever ever look at that page. It's exceptionally depressing.

Thanks to a few _monstrous people_ on the twitters, I'm now desperately craving totwaffles and a pizza-sized peanut butter cup.


I'm willing to pay, but need delivery within the hour.

What is the minimum viable amount of content to justify sending a newsletter?

When is it worth switching from the microblog to email?

When are you just bothering people instead of informing/educating/entertaining/whatever?

Anybody want some... really antique computer parts? Like... what appears to be a scsi card, probably a raid controller, with an intel i960 chip on it?

Ten more productive evenings like this and I'll have a real closet again.

unpacked two more bins. one got partially refilled with "things I can't be bothered to sort at the moment" (mostly random cables) and the other is empty. Found some pens, dental tools, flash drives, my lego space needle, some laptop parts I'd been looking for, and my DCC deck.

My stock portfolio - again, just a toy - is currently worth less than I have actually put into it, for the first time since I opened the account.

That's down from more-than-doubling my investment as of 21 Feb.

Looks like the gov's presser is having streaming issues. Let me know the upshot.

I keep seeing people using the R word, but I think they're in massive denial about the D word.

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