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Oh, neat. The PlutoTV app has double-populated the channel guide of my FireTV Cube with its channels, and even after uninstalling and rebooting they're still there. AWESOME.

Looks like it might me time for a factory reset, won't that be nice.

This Daily interview with Weinstein's lawyer is making my stabby.

went with Vesta and Pallas for the rpi 4 and 3 respectively. Need to boot them up and tell them about it, I suppose.

Not 100% sure on alex/cleo, since they're smushed up proper names (Alexander Helios and Cleopatra Selene II), but the other named pair available are Romulus and Remus (87 Sylvia 1 and 2), which is a little too... pedestrian, as I tend to put it. Same reason I've avoided using 'Betelgeuse' for anything.

See, I've got a NanoPi NEO2 named Aegis, and a ZeroPi named Gorgoneion (moons of 93 Minerva). I've got three more ZeroPis to name, so I feel I need to stick with asteriod moons, but most of them don't have proper names yet. Currently thinking Alexhelios and Cleoselene (216 Kleopatra 1 and 2) for two of them, and Weywot (50000 Quaoar 1) for the third.

Today I should work on organizing my office further. Sorting the piles of cables into bins, if nothing else.

I could also figure out proper names for the rpi's and get them set up properly.

I _suspect_ I will spend most of the day playing video games. ::/

Today's movie outing:
Jumanji TNL - even better than the first one, a lot of fun.
Dolittle - could have been adorable, but the pacing was _crap_. A four hour story, told in two hours, using an hour of content.
1917 - I don't go in for war films generally, but wanted to see it from a technical perspective. I actually forgot to watch for the hidden cuts about half the time, it was that good a story.

If you’re going to piss standing up in a public stall, put the fucking seat up.

For those who don't know, updated and it's gorgeous

Also, all the code is unminified and you can just look at it


Regalia -> scepters -> staff -> space wizard -> technomage -> I need to rewatch B5 and Crusade.

As Regulus of House Tithonium, I think I might need more regalia.

By chance, are there any small, cheap SBCs with composite video _input_? I've got a box of these ancient b&w camera modules I'd like to turn into webcams.

I have five computers that run Windows. Most of what I use most of them for... is installing windows updates.

Interesting spam. An 'invoice' from coinbase, for bitcoin I didn't buy, with a .doc attachment. I don't know what a coinbase invoice looks like, but I'd say it's about 80% convincing. Some formatting issues, but the grammar and spelling is almost entirely correct.

Meanwhile, I'm staring at an empty editor, trying to get my brain to work on the project I need to work on. And it's not happening. As usual.

[ahem] It was once said of me - in a job review, in fact - that I tend to bite my tongue too much, until my mouth fills with blood and it sprays everywhere. Guess we just got to that point today. Sorry for the rant.

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