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looks like I need to learn about bluetooth protocol reverse engineering, so I can control my bed without the apparently-not-actually-available bridge module otherwise required for the purpose.

TFW you open the 'spoon' side instead of the 'shaker' side and dump a quarter cup of fine ground pepper on your breakfast.

2020 still doesn't seem real. It sounds like a fake, made-up, SciFi-inspired number. When I was a little kid imagining the crazy stuff we do in the distant future, I always pictured the year would be 2020.

“No, that’s worse. Stop talking, your Holiness.”

“It’s not gay if there’s a five foot power grinder between you.”

Shared without context or commentary.

Making sure my YouTube recommendations stay quality


"Prodigy vs Enya - Smack up the Orinoco Flow ReMiX (Audiosurf)"

Hm. Checking my tv-show-tracking app, if the shows average 40 minutes (which is probably a little high, but there are a lot of "hour" shows on there), I've got about a month and a half of content to catch up on. Not counting classic Dr Who.

It's about a thousand hours of content. Half a year's work at 40 hours a week.


Clearly i need to find someone to pay me to get caught up.

@woozle Requiring news media to be sustained by advertising was never a good idea.

There probably isn't any market for fact-checking, is there.

The people who want the facts checked don't have money, and the people who have the money don't want the facts checked.

Sonos emailed to let me know they were going to be raising prices on a couple items. I was already _not_ buying the one I want because they want more than it's worth, and now they're trying to get me to rush to buy it because it'll soon be _more_ expensive.

I imagine that probably works on some people. ::P

Considering changing my job title to 'Professor of Applied Anthropics".

I may be listening to Hogfather.

Listening to a podcast about the impeachment, and they start talking to regular people, and that's when I feel myself getting stupider and have to turn it off.

Why do people?

Getting up this morning was obviously a mistake. [eyes the trackpad currently being employed as a coaster]

Christmas Adam, tumblr post 

Merry Christmas Adam, everyone ♥

“It is likely that you are curious as to the cause of this alert. There is no easy way to explain this... so we have decided not to.”

Today’s adventure: slipped walking from security to a bench to put my shoes on, slammed my right knee, left wrist, and ENTIRE FACE into the floor. Pretty sure the pain in my shoulder is from the hand that was holding my bag, too.

Nobody has petted my head and told me I would be okay. ::(

The only thing I don’t HATE about SFO is the relatively short distance from the entry door to the gate. Even Wichita has a longer walk.

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