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because of global climate change, we could be looking at a Funky Warm Medina by 2025.

🎡 My phone has no signal 🎡
🎡 It's making my skin crawl 🎡
🎡 The silence is so loud 🎡

While it's entirely appropriate and polite for a company to which you've applied to send you an email saying they're passing, doing so THREE MONTHS after you were submitted, and with NO contact other than the person who submitted you saying they would... that's fallen over into pretty f'ing rude

My favorite euphemism for β€œfind somewhere under your massive pile of tech debt to add some more tech debt” is β€œquick win”

A superpower can be a blessing, or a curse. Hers was a dazzling smile, bright enough to blind. Like all powered, she was registered, and issued a bodycam.
"You again?" the judge said.
The jury watched the video, heard the plaintiff call: "Give me a smile!"
"Not guilty."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Starting to seriously consider the benefits of having all of my teeth removed and getting various sets of fakes. A set to sleep in, a set for normal use, and at set for bagels, just to start.

Yes, I called it the miasma. You don't even need to guess what book I'm in the middle of right now.

I catch the very edge of a lot of memes, such as this 'feral hog' thing. Not enough to know wtf anybody's on about, just enough to be annoying.

On the one hand, part of me would like to know wtf people are gibbering about. On the other hand, I feel I've done a pretty good job of curating my view of the Miasma if I'm only seeing the tiniest bits of it.

You know what would be nice? If my job left me with enough mental energy to do anything other than sleep and stare into space in my free time.

Constantly disappointed how gleefully customer retention gets sacrificed on the altar of customer acquisition.

I'm already on your damned mailing list, you should not be asking me for my email address to download your fucking white paper. I know why you're doing it, but you shouldn't be. Go feel bad about yourselves now.

An 18 year old from Ireland has won a science fair for extracting microplastics from water using ferrofluids. He used his parents' home as a makeshift lab, dismantling the washing machine and building his own spectrometer.

He also speaks three languages, plays the trumpet, and has a dwarf planet named after him 😎

I just realized how irritating it is when a tv/movie display on an LCD shows interference artifacts that would only exist on a CRT. If there’s no electron gun, you’re not going to get that particular kind of wiggling in the display.

The problem with having a 7 year old motherboard fail is that it's Very Hard to find a new motherboard to replace it without also having to replace, for example, the CPU. ::P

The scars from my hand surgeries are particularly visible today.

done and worn: (parody) campaign warning of the dangers of excessive dihydrogen monoxide
new and unproven: spoof pharma ads about its health benefits

The weirdest thing just happened. I opened Calibre, and it _didn't_ prompt me to install an update.

I don't think that's ever not-happened before.

Move fast and hope QA stops you from breaking too many things.

Asking again: Is there ANY iOS podcast app that a) supports video podcasts and b) doesn't suck? Apple's podcast app sucks, and Overcast, my usual podcatcher, doesn't do video.

Be the crow you want to see in the world!

β€’ collect shiny things
β€’ hop happily down the street for no apparent reason
β€’ scream loudly when you see your friend


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