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A sticker-sealed cd-folder of Solaris 2.5.1 Server, Intel Platform Edition.

Tons of Newton software and manuals in here. I own so many Newtons.

... I just found a _sealed_ box labeled 'SolarNet' with the Sun logo and a shrink-wrap license sticker.

Digging thru a really old box full of really old documentation. I’ve already pulled, scanned, and recycled the NewtCard manuals.

I just can NOT look at Twitter anymore. It's too full of awful and I don't have the reserves for it. Mastodon is kinda boring 'cause it's so quiet and I have comparatively few friends here, but at least it doesn't make me want to die slash kill people.

So now I just need to get the creator of Endless Jeopardy to move their bot to

"It's a lot easier to wait for the second marshmallow when you aren't hungry." Good summary.

He even manages to make the ads interesting, by telling a little story with them. It’s impressive.

The real trick, at that point, is pulling in content from the third party systems, when I'm interacting on them rather than posting original. Retweets, boosts, replies, etc should all be retained. Automatic programmatic autobiography.

At that point, I suppose that service needs to have activitypub as well, so people can just follow me directly on that.

Obvs, I also want said service to collect and display it all itself, so I've got the master set of all of my content, for easy browsing. That way people can follow me where they want to follow me, or can get the full stream at the source. Or so I have backups when third party services go down.

Take a picture of my xiao long bao sitting in a bath of soy sauce, it goes to instagram with such-and-such filter, and maybe a pixelfed instance. And then post links to the microblogs or something.

A backend service I can run on one of my servers, and an iOS tool for pushing content into the pipeline, with camera/photo access, text/markdown editor, and some protocol for identifying what services are connected on the backend so I can specify where something should go when I post, as well as a system for defining defaults (which includes being able to define them as code, so they can be content-aware)

But I want tools on whatever device I'm using, which means, at minimum, iOS versions of everything. On the Mac, I can easily build my own toolchains with scripts, but I don't want to have to fuck around with a bunch of different apps to get things where they need to be when I'm on my phone.

The more I think about it, the more I think I want a set of tools for posting content, divorced from the destination of the post, that will distribute content to appropriate places. I take a picture, it'll post it to instagram (and eventually a fediverse equiv too), I write a short comment, it goes here, and twitter, and facebook. I write something longer, it goes on one of my blogs. I write something longer with the date as the title, and it goes specifically to _that_ blog. etc.

I was going to create a poll earlier, and now that I can I've forgotten what it was about.

Started listening to The Anthropocene Reviewed. Only three episodes in and it might be my new second-favorite podcast. I doubt anything will ever beat out The Memory Palace, but this tastes very similar.

We’d get the assignment for next class at the start, then he’d explain how to actually do it. I’d sit in the back and just /do/ it. Once followed the instructor out during his smoke break to point out an error in the assignment, which he corrected when we resumed.

He was my favorite college instructor. Good guy.

I had the 95LX when I started college. I know this because first summer semester (technically between high school and college), I took an Assembly class and would do the homework on it during class. Had MASM on a PCMCIA card.

That was my first palmtop. Followed by a Poqet PC, then an HP 95LX. I don’t have either of those anymore, but I do have a 100LX I bought off eBay in the early Aughts and used for blogging.

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