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Me: Can Mastodon be successful? Do we provide a different enough proof-of-work for gaining social capital that people have incentives to switch to us?

Mastodon: Let's talk about tentacle dicks

"[...] out of principle I won't boost any [...] birdsite references anymore. This is not what we built the fediverse for."

The fediverse was built to pretend the rest of the internet doesn't exist? To declare that people who haven't left twitter aren't people anymore? Or just aren't worth listening to, I suppose.

Cool, cool.

What's the best iOS podcast app for _video_ podcasts? I'm a diehard fan of Overcast for audio, but it doesn't do video.

Watching Dave. Kinda glad Helen Thomas didn’t live to see the Trump administration.

salt. fat. acid. heat. long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. then, everything changed when the heat nation attacked

ah HA. but, since I use read-position as ansi-detect, I can use that to get the original position and restore with set-position. so now I can adjust the menu widths to match the client's screen!

damnit. save-position-set-position-read-position-restore-position isn't working. I can set, but save/restore don't seem to work. makes screensize detection problematic.

"You know," Captain Clever said as he tied Dr Dastard up, "I always stop you from trying to take over the world, but you've never said what you'd do next."
"Oh, you know. Universal free health care and education for all."
"Hm. Can you finish these knots yourself? I've got to go."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Seriously, why does everybody want "full stack"? Specialization exists for a reason!

ok, no, I know why. Because they want to get two developers of work for the price of one. But still.

Flipping thru random radio stations on the sonos made me want to go rewatch deadpool 2, so I'm'a do that.

ten songs in a row that I can't stand. yay. I wonder how I can reset it.

I've got my Amazon Music Unlimited account connected to the Echos all over the house, and to the Sonos.

Other people live here.

As a result, my music suggestions are completely fucked up, and the My Soundtrack station can no longer be trusted.

Just finished listening to /Record of a Spaceborn Few/ by Becky Chambers. In the acknowledgements at the end, I learned of, which inspired a significant feature of the story.

Good book; I recommend the series.

looks like the fargo might actually be worth something, based on a quick glance at ebay. if nobody wants it, I may try to sell it rather than dumping it on goodwill.

(yeah, the first message board I'm'a create when I get this bbs software up is a for-sale board.)

Also available: a Fargo Primera printer. Some supplies, not sure what. Worked last time it was hooked up... many many years ago.

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