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In so much (cyberpunk?) media from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, the hero is a journalist.

Journalism, was seen as the ultimate tool against despots.

(Think Max Headroom: 20 Minutes into the Future, or Transmetropolitan, Makers (and many of the rest of Doctorow's books) or even Futureworld.)

And VCs + Facebook have effectively crippled modern journalism. Destroyed most local journalism. Rendered the pursuit of truth an optional side project for the left, and incompatible with the right.

🎶 Oh oh oh here oh oh oh here oh oh oh
🎶 I ask myself what am I doing here?
🎶 Oh oh oh here oh oh oh here
🎶 And I can't wait till we can break up outta here

short fiction, murder 

Who do I know who’s backing the Atomic Pi? I kinda want to back the OEM set, but I don’t need two dozen units... just maybe a dozen. Anybody interested in combining orders?

Seriously, what are the good sites to search for software jobs these days? Stack Overflow doesn't have much in my area. Everything's either too-junior or management. ::P

Roman History. Stabbing. 

Dissenting opinion 

It took me 20 years to regret leaving my collection of Wired magazines behind when I moved to Seattle.

did someone already point out that “netflix original” is the new “direct to video”

MidgardMOO's been around since 1995, and I've been archwiz and host since at least 1996. I did some _amazing things_ in MOOCode, back when. I wrote one of the first HTTP/1.0 servers in moocode. I wrote a full SMTP server, which included a DNS client, in pure moocode.

And none of that really means anything anymore.

I took over hosting DownMOO in 2011. Only one wizard (other than myself) has even _logged in_ since then.

MidgardMOO isn't that much better off.

Part of me is wondering why I'm putting effort into transferring them to new hosts, instead of just shutting them down.

“Yo, check this out, guys. This is insanely great: it’s got a twenty eight point eight bps modem!”

Oh, gods, I’m old.

One of the things I said I would do differently after moving to the fediverse was to stop paying attention to follower/followee ratios. But I want to modify that with one caveat. If someone has hundreds of followers but only follows <10 people themselves, they're not really here to engage in the community. So I]m tempted to use follower/followee ratio as a disqualifier. But maybe I should ignore it entirely and just follow people who post interesting things, even if they don't follow many others

Why does Alexa think the only “sad” or “depressing” music is “country ballads”? Ugh.

I'm trying to migrate a bunch of things I run on various servers into a docker swarm running on a 7-node cluster of nanopi fire3s, and so many things start up and then 'no suitable node (unsupported platform on 7 nodes)', and I'm about ready to give the fuck up and just build more itx machines

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The Clacks

Welcome to The Clacks

Named after the transcontinental communications network from Terry Pratchett's Discworld.

Neither Deluge Nor Ice Storm Nor The Black Silence Of The Netherhells Shall Stay These Messengers About Their Sacred Business. Do Not Ask Us About Sabre-Tooth Tigers, Tar Pits, Big Green Things With Teeth, Or The Goddess Czol.