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*click* "Why are you following yourself?" *click* "Why are you following yourself?" *click* "Why are you following yourself?

The report on the sustainability of open source, written by Nadia Eghbal in 2016, identifies the problem well enough but doesn't have much of a solution.

It's written from the venture capital perspective, so startup culture is uncritically endorsed and there are various other questionable assumptions about corporate involvement. In some places there are also references to the myth of the lone developer ("rockstar" type thinking).

The problem it describes is that the current economy depends heavily on software and that underneath the glossy startups the infrastructure comprises largely of Free Software developed and maintained by a relatively small community of "key contributors". The software economy is mostly free riding upon the digital infrastructure base, and there isn't much systematic thinking about how to keep the infrastructure level going in the longer term.

I'd describe this problem in terms of the failing social reproduction of developers. It might be easier than ever to learn python, but it can be hard to make ends meet while running a software project, even if it's vital to the free rider economy.

It gives the classic example of OpenSSL - something which runs on the majority of internet servers and yet which in 2014 at the time of heartbleed was maintained by just one developer in precarious circumstances and hardly funded.

Switching off the IFTT-based clacks->twitter crossposter, and trying out the one from @crossposter

I am, as of this moment, officially looking for a job. The last straw just fell very heavily on this camel.

If anybody is looking for a senior rails developer.. I'm currently the 'Software Architect' at a financial services firm. Give me a ping.

who knows things about battery charging circuits and power supplies and such? I'm designing my own cyberdeck, and have a specific _functional_ design in mind for the power system, but don't have enough practical experience to do the electrical design.

when the boss tells us to deprioritize fixing tech debt "so we can ship more product features"

The question now, of course, is what do I do with this spare iPhone X?

It doesn't make any sense to me that the iPhone upgrade program requires you to use one of the four major carriers. I use Fi. Why won't you let me upgrade?

Ah well, just means I'll shortly have a spare iPhone X.

Sitting around at the hair dresser waiting for the bleach to work, trying to write code via my phone. Finding it's difficult to debug other people's tools via a tiny little terminal window.

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