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I've had a lot of bots created on lately, some of which haven't posted, some are posting junk. I'm closing registrations again. If a real person wants an account, ping me directly.

“New suggestion: murder-suicide.” “No.” “It’s dark out. It’s still 75 out. Hell will be nicer!” “No.”

“I have an idea! I’ll threaten you. That way it’s self defense and you’ll be fine.” “No.” “Jerk.”

Been fighting an upper respiratory infection for the past day or so. It is not fun. My throat is hamburger.

Am now caught up on Lucifer.

Neil Gaiman doesn’t sound anything like I’d’ve expected.

“And how much experience do YOU have with crack-addled chinchillas?” “More than you!” “I doubt that!”

“Melancholeric”. That’s the ‘word’ I was looking for.

The number one thing I hate about javascript, and there are many things, is that it doesn't automatically return the last value in the function.

Sixteen and a half minutes into Lost in Space and they don’t understand how water works.

A related not-exactly-solution is to stop making up imaginary 'wealth' based on the perceived value of fake fractions of corporations that are compelled, by law, to act against the interests of society. Stop letting people get rich by saying who is rich and who isn't.

And cap how much a single entity can be worth.

The solution, of course, is to _confiscate_ the value the stock represents, and use it for humanitarian purposes. It's not individual rich people's responsibility to do the right thing. It's society's responsibility to take the resources they have collected and use them properly.

[cont] About 17% of the company, as of 2016. If he were to liquidate that stock so he could "end world hunger" or "fix flint's water supply", a) it would become worth a _lot_ less than that, and b) he would be sued into the ground. He'd never get a _chance_ to do anything with it; he - and the money - would be tied up in court for the rest of his natural life.

Do I hate that the rich people of this country hoard money? Hell yes. But don't talk out your ass about it.

[sigh] I really hate 'defending' people I don't want to defend, but I _do_ feel it important to defend _facts_ and not-having-your-head-up-your-ass thinking.

So: Bezos is very very rich, yes. With the amount of money he is worth, he _could_ do a lot of good things for people.

But he doesn't have that much money. A super quick calculation says that 99% of his net worth is his Amazon stock. [more]

There are few things I enjoy putting in me more than pork xao long bao.

Happy birthday to me!

I am 22 years old today. At least, on a decently civilized planet, I am.

Are there any usb-c port expanders that have _at least two_ usb-c ports, plus ethernet, audio, and usb-a? I have a pair of usb-c monitors and would like to continue connecting them that way, rather than using hdmi for one of them.

Spent the 4th moving the desk with my gaming rig from the north wall to the east wall. This was more complicated than it sounds.

I spent yesterday afternoon/evening moving my main desk from the west wall to the middle of the room, and this morning getting my computer set back up. Switched from dual-monitor to triple, opening the laptop back up (mainly for video conf reasons).

Still so much to do to get everything back in order, but it already feels like a better space.

3 minutes 54 seconds into the first episode of the new Inspector Gadget, I scream “OH, FUCK THIS NOISE”, and turn it off. Children shouldn’t be watching this shit.

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