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Dear Amazon: Do you know what the "keep me logged in" means? If not, maybe remove it from your login form.

Built a space telescope, launched it into solar orbit, decoupled from the launch stage, flew the launch stage into the sun, went back to the telescope.... and it had fallen apart at some point during the decouple, and was floating around in pieces.

Things I probably should not do: eat a pound and a half of pineapple chunks in one sitting.

Things I just did: that.


Two emails, on consecutive business days, from the same person, have each nearly driven me to summarily quit my job.

Saw Solo last night. In 4DX. It actually made good use of the 4DX effects. Much better result than Hitman's Bodyguard.

Fun movie.

Trying to find a company to install and maintain a postmix machine in my house is proving difficult. A mix of "we don't do residential", "I'm booked out the next three months", and "I can't understand you".

Anybody know of any good options in the Seattle area?

Starting to seriously think about lobotomizing Oort. Check the backups, wipe the drive, reinstall clean.

TFW you're arguing with your boss that you don't want to take a sick day because you have too much you want to get done today.

Super early birds still available... at $150? Um.. Look, I get hardware gets cheaper over time, but I've got giant flashing red lights going off in my head and a klaxon screaming "SCAM". Someone tell me I'm wrong.

Things it did not help my self esteem to learn: Elon Musk is only six years older than I am.

Kosher dill spears, salt, and shallot pepper. OMNOMNOM

Nothing quite like waking up from a terrifying stress dream one minute before your alarm goes off.

In case anybody ever wondered, the Lenovo yoga book is complete and utter shit.

Anybody into making their own paper? I've got a large trash bin nearly full of cross-cut shreds that's going to end up in the yard waste otherwise.

Standard treatments not working. High dose chocolate and macadamia nuts: nothing. Loud music: nope.

Stress level at unmanageable level. Starting to stress out about stress level.

Is an antique rolltop desk worth $!600 and a week of vacation time?

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