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I was informed by my team, during today’s planning meeting, that I am not allowed to die this sprint.

It isn’t going well so far.

My team decided to name our sprints after birds. The sprint we just started is Capuchinbird. So the bug sprint is named Capuchinbugs.

Starting a new bug sprint, but too sick to make it scan properly.

I feel like I got this candidate's hopes up by giving them money. Sorry, I want you to win, but a) I know you won't because you're not enough of an asshole and b) I can't vote for you because I don't live there.

(This is very good. She's the best endo I've ever had by several miles.)

On the plus side: I don't have to find a new endocrinologist. We spent several minutes with our shared opinions of antivaxers, particularly in a medical settings.

That was a rhetorical question. I’m fully aware humans are brainless sacks of crap.

I mean, it’s a fucking MEDICAL OFFICE. How THE FUCK do you work here and have your head that far up your ass?

Apparently my doctors office is pretty short staffed because of vaccine mandates. On the one hand, that sucks for patients and the people that remain, but in the other hand, good.

Started the process of erasing my old phone. New phone is as set up as it needs to be. And boy are there a lot of unused apps I need to delete.

and then there's the oura, and the car, and the and the and the fucking hell why the pelagic vermilion fuck aren't they better at this shit yet? it's the iphone THIR-FUCKING-TEEN for christs' sakes.

Cool, the Dexcom app just crashes on start. Repeatedly. Deleting and reinstalling. And of course I'll probably have to burn my current sensor, because gods know they're not competent enough to get it to re-pair.

[takes this opportunity to delete all the banking apps he never uses]

why do I have to re-login to my fucking VACUUM app but not, say, my EMAIL client?

(Don't answer, I know why, but ffs)

What exactly is the point of backing up all this app data if the apps ignore it all and make me sign in and redownload everything again?

It will surprise no one, I'm sure, but my nice ravpower desktop qi charger isn't happy with the iphone 13.

Good thing I was already planning to swap it out for something else.

Brain is failing. What's the word for whether something is AC or DC electricity? Like, if I want to sort a pile of power adapters into 5VDC, 5VAC, 10VDC, 10VAC, etc, I'm sorting by voltage and [blank].

The new phone goes to sleep after, like, negative twenty seconds, and I can't change it because I can't get into settings yet. Very annoying.
ETA on restore, 19min. then 16. then 18. So... "eventually".

[scrolls tiktok on old phone for a while]

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