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It’s bad enough I might be forced to go up there and inquire.

I literally do not have the words to express /how much/ I don’t want to do that.

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🎶 No… one… toots like Maston
No one boosts like Maston
No one has silly memes about fruits like Maston 🎶

Ok. Just dropped $4k on a one year m5.4xlarge RI. System is set up, data is copying. I guess this is the way.

I was going to say "for one day", but no, I need to get at least one bin unpacked today. Preferably two, since that would put me at "more than half done".

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By 10:20, I had loaded the car, gone to get lab work done, got breakfast, unloaded the car into storage, come home, and eaten.

That feels like quite enough adulting for one morning.

Next, I think I need to re-sub to aTV+ so I can watch Slow Horses.

Ok, I am now, after a very very very long time, finally fully caught up on Star Trek.

Nice to see they still don't understand how physics works.

@TheGibson or, using an alternate definition of “worst”: working in fintech for five years.

@TheGibson one of my first projects at Amazon (in 2000) was to put a wishlist button everywhere there was an add to cart button. I reversed the “add to cart” v “preorder” logic on music search, probably cost ~$100k in sales over 24hr. More than twice my annual salary at the time.

I was planning to curl up in the Lovesac and watched one or two episodes of Strange New Worlds, but I am tired and I hurt. So I’ve taken a shower, and now I’m in bed. Not sure I have the energy to watch TV. 

@smellsofbikes these have done extremely well for cheap shit I bought at Spencer’s. I’ve replaced the bulbs several times, and they’d occasionally not turn on until you wiggled them a little, but.

If I’m not misremembering, we bought these for my 25th birthday party. I suppose it’s excusable, once they’re two decades old. But I’m still kind of bummed.

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I guess that solves the problem of needing to buy new bulbs for them, anyway

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Things that are not fun: unpacking your lava lamps after a week, and finding that they’re both leaking.

I miss wearing glasses regularly, but I'm not going to get non-corrective lenses put into them just so I can wear them. And attempts to 'correct' my non-driving vision have not gone well.

Realizing just how many people I'm following _just_ because they're basically professional shitposters.

A military/tactical hologram should not be able to feel pain or be defeated by punching them. If they can, you did a bad job programming them.

I need to add “*snap snap* I’m honestly trying to vaporize you right now” to my vocabulary.

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