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And after reboot, the new phone reports "cannot restore backup". Good job, Apple.

At least it's letting me restore _yesterday's_ backup.

AAAAnd the old phone declared that setup failed... as soon as the new phone rebooted to install the software update.


Old phone is starting a fresh backup, don't know why it wasn't regularly keeping the one it already had up to date but WHY NOT, while the new phone is installing a software update that was issued well before the phone shipped (not before it was put in a box, I suppose but STILL).

It didn't occur to me before how _enormous_ the camera bump is on the 13 Pro. It's like, twice the size of the 11's.

New phone has arrived! Now to begin the time-consuming process of setting everything up.

I bet Okta's gonna be a pita.

An etsy purchase that's been in transit for over a month finally arrived in Seattle, after being listed as passing thru Moscow a month ago. Now it's showing as "delivered to an individual at the address". The contractors outside haven't seen it. ::P

These. Imagine pulling it out of a tiny jewel case, dropping it into a slot, and it starts spinning and music plays.

Looks like it’s possible to buy nfc tags in an adequately-similar physical package. Now if only I had the skills time and ambition to fabricate the rest.

You know the thing from MiB that’ll replace CDs? Or the little data discs from Escape from LA? I just had the urge to make a “music player” that would use discs like that. They’d be nfc tags, and just trigger a playlist, but the UX would be of playing this tiny cd.

If I said “Marty, please. Martin is my deinym.”, would that joke make any sense at all outside of my head?

🎶 I’ve been careless with a delicate maaaaan 🎶

(Nightly ‘medicinal’ dose is 10mg. Three or more is purely recreational.)

Reclining in bed, waiting for the internet to update, singing along to Fiona Apple, and lamenting things.

I should down a fistful of “sleep medicine” if I’m going to be like this. It won’t help, but at least I’ll have an excuse to be a useless lump after 30 or 40mg.

Don’t want to name any names but… has this podcast about doing better evil gotten pretty… stale for anybody else?

I really appreciate being able to have separate settings for the phone app and the watch app, but if I can’t transfer the settings I’ve already got on the phone to the watch, I’m uninstalling the watch app thanks.

Ok, finished Utopia. Lots of good, if - to me - obvious, ideas in it; nothing new (I mean, obvs); but boy howdy could I have skipped the constant moralizing and the “total religious tolerance, except atheists who aren’t even people” shit towards the end.

Yes, Tom, it’s a VERY enlightened theocracy, good job.

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