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Wow, 7/8 thru the book before condemnation of atheists.

I’m insisting on finishing this book, but my GODS I’m sick of the tedious moralizing.

Is there a command line tool (preferably something I can install with homebrew) that does the same thing as ansible's blockinfile ?

Finished Scatter Adapt and Remember, and I’m tempted to write a newsletter post that starts out as a book review and ends up explaining why I assume we’re hopelessly fucked and I just want to die comfortable.

Might sleep on that urge for a bit.

And now I’m on the part of the book talking about asteroid impact prevention and am definitely laughing at the concept of people voting in favor of preventing it.

Hash tag doom hash tag we’re all gonna die.

I can see it in manage storage, but only to delete, not to read. I want to extract the sync data so I can use it to sync _other_ things (in this case, pulling Prologue data to resume a book on my Sonos)

Is there any reasonable way to access data in my icloud storage (NOT icloud _drive_, I'm talking about storage used by apps for sync data etc) directly?

"I wonder if maybe it'd be tolerable to go to a movie theatre" [checks current masking/etc guidelines for amc] "no longer blocking seating" sooooo, no. Maybe next decade.

I need to work up the ambition to alter my media management process to get iTunes out of the loop and sort things directly into Plex-appropriate directories. I’ve got an iMac still running Mojave just to manage my library, but never actually _use_ iTunes, nor sync media with it.

@randomgeek heck, mine has learned to recognize me when I’ve got my cpap on.

I'm on the pandemics section of the book and I just want to either laugh or cry. Or both.

I would pay good money for a live action production of Jingo where Vetinari is played by Jeremy Irons or Charles Dance.

Someone backend into my car in a parking lot this evening. Trivial cosmetic damage only. Exchanged numbers, he said he’d cover the fix. I commented to L that I’d forget about it immediately. Didn’t realize I was so right: I forgot to post about it until just now.

Ok, I've finished Cyberpunk 2077. Three different endings, plus an encore rampage against the NCPD.

Judy was sad at me every time. ::(

Feeling like I should give away some (other people's, obvs) books. Tho the last time I did that it took several days to get people to take all ten, so maybe I just don't have the visibility to make that a worthwhile activity. Hm.

“Pull your mask up! Were you raised in a barn?”

Damnit. Stayed in bed too long and spent too long reading twitter, now my breakfast plan is ruined.

Finally started Scatter Adapt & Remember, and am already like, wait, how long ago was this published it’s so optimistic.

Didn’t take my sleep medicine last night, and so had weird fucking dreams. The last one involved some very pretty people trying to help me figure out which health insurance to buy.

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