Penzey's has a spice mix called Justice, and I expect they would enjoy knowing that I am very heavy-handed with its application to pretty much everything.

Don’t get me wrong, floating cities look cool. But unless you need to float, for environmental reasons, aren’t they just a massive waste of energy?

Yes, that would be me shouting β€œWhat the fuck? They blew up Mars?!? NOT COOL.”

Apparently today I _like_ that assholes respond to things I like on twitter. [looks adoringly at all the open tabs full of people to go thru and block]

My days this week have consisted of waking up, working, reading, then sleeping. So I haven't been on the internet as much as usual, and have probably missed important things. Just FYI.

Been chewing my way through the Slough House books, in case anybody wanted to know. just started book 5.

@randomgeek I honestly don't know if that would work out for me.

I'd probably prefer them stacked instead. ::)

(realized that as a side effect of being reminded of the existence of an ecommerce website I haven't used in 13 years, but where my credentials are still valid)

Just realized I'm coming up on the 10 year anniversary of changing my name. Just over a month away, four days before my birthday.

"You recently donated! Could you do it again now?" .... No. And I almost certainly never will again.

Congratulations, you've just cemented your previously-tentative move from my 2nd choice to 3rd.

most recent example of this: someone dismissing Mastodon as useless because it doesn't have ads or promoted posts that you could use to build a Youtube audience

Dear lord, I think i just got reverse-mortgage spam.

Thanks for making me feel even older than I already did.

Am I the only one thinking the senators should have had to be sworn in _individually_? and on camera, for preference.

I own a Sonos subwoofer. It’s in the basement. I never use the basement tv anymore. OBVIOUSLY I should move the subwoofer to my bedroom, right?

work gripe 

Ah, and today is the day for docusign spam. Cool, cool.

I should really get some custom artwork made for

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