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Martin Tithonium 👽

Was just talking about wanting to go back in time to when Grandy’s was good. Y’know, like 1987. And that’s why I need a DeLorean.

Then we realized… That’s more recent than the movie.

@mcmoots I’ve got a super fancy urban-environment filter mask I bought JUST for this kind of day.

So of course I can’t find it.

I’m looking for something functionally equivalent to the Lipton cup-a-soup packets, but without the packets. Something I can buy in bulk, and measure out my own servings, to avoid the waste from all the little paper envelopes. Suggestions?

One of my trees may have murdered the flowering shrub in the front yard. Glad we never got around to hiding a dinosaur in it, I guess.

[Talking back to Microsoft AI ad] “How about we find a way for AI to, I don’t know, kill all the people destroying those historical sites? DO YOUR JOB, SKYNET!”

Hey, look, they made the game multiplayer and now it's full of assholes. MY SURPRISED FACE LET ME SHOW IT YOU.

Alternately, I could nfs mount the file server onto the nat box, and have the other servers deliver to that. hm.

The backups uploaded to Oort all get synced to b2 and to the file server. Considering just rewriting the backup system to upload straight to b2. Wouldn't have local copies then, unless I sync back down to the file server, but at least I wouldn't have any local dependencies.

[ponder ponder]

Having a bad summer for computers dying.

BOTH raid1'd system drives of my file server died together, so I had to install from scratch (fortunately, the raidz drives are fine).

Then the server I consider the "toy" froze up. Wouldn't be a problem, except it's the one the other public servers upload their backups to. Just went to try to revive it... the primary hard drive isn't even _detected_ by the bios.


I’ve been inspired to try building a cyberdeck of my own, but the problem is I keep having ideas for cool features that are going to blow up the physical size.

Gonna hafta get modular.

Bless the Maker and his water, there is an air conditioner running in my office.

Successfully fighting the strong desire to buy a Sonos subwoofer for the master bedroom.

So far.

Dear Google: if I search for “waterproof laptop” and you show me an ad for the Microsoft Surface, you’d better be prepared to guarantee I can dunk it under water.

Biggest problem with living with other people: I can’t listen to music as loud as I’d like. Nor with as many subwoofers.

@garpu same respiratory infection I've been fighting since saturday. keeps bouncing back and forth between my lungs and my sinuses.

I miss breathing.

I miss being able to sit upright without my sinuses draining into my lungs and making me cough every ten seconds.

Bodies are stupid and I hate them.

TFW you try to make chicken and rice soup, but put in way too much rice and end up with chicken porridge.

Related to that: I don't know if the levothyroxine was _helping_ with the hives, but accidentally going back off it certainly made them worse. Yesterday was the worst hive day i've had in a while.

I am feeling super anxious at the moment, and I can't figure out if it's drug induced (medication tweak this morning) or not.

Always disappointing to learn someone has their head surgically implanted up their ass.