Going offline to prep for when they come to take me.

Meanwhile, I am bored and hungry and still haven’t slept enough.

Surgery is scheduled for 12:30. Should be home a few hours later.

It seems vaguely unfair that I have to give MYSELF a sponge bath.

I got SOME sleep. I know I did because I startled awake when my nurse changed my iv bag.

IV placement did NOT go well. Today has been a very bad day for my veins. But, it’s in, and I’ve got my drugs.

I feel bad for bugging my nurse to get my IV run, esp when I find out the delay is because she got another admit just as she was about to be able to do it. But I really want to sleep and it’s not going well so far.

What the hell’s the point of hospital WiFi if I can’t get to tiktok?!?

Ok, surgery is now officially scheduled for morning.

COVID swab is done and OH MY GODS it’s as bad as everybody says. My brain itches.

I am embedded. Next is a COVID test, then IV, then maybe surgery.

Oooookay. Oncall surgeon responded. Swedish Firsthill is looking for a bed for me, and will call as soon as one is available, at which point I'll head in. Meanwhile, they're trying to find a spot on the OR schedule. Surgery tonight or tomorrow depending.

Picking up antibiotics. Surgery oncall hasn’t responded to my doctor yet. Desperately craving a taco, but don’t want to risk eating food in case, as seems increasingly improbable, I end up going to surgery tonight.

I used to say I didn’t expect to make it past fifty, but COME ON, BODY. You don’t have to fall apart all at once. There’s no RUSH. We’ve got more than half a decade left!

Acute appendicitis confirmed. Waiting while they figure out next step.

Do they still teach kids hand signals in drivers ed?

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