The annoying part is, ACC was already slowing, we were fine. The emergency alerting system and the ACC don't seem to talk to each other.

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Ah, more joys with Dropbox on the Studio: I can't keep my photos library there anymore. So, Dropbox is rapidly becoming completely useless to me.

Car in front of me slows suddenly.

My car: “Apply the Brakes!”


Looks like I probably shouldn't watch Multiverse without watching Wandavision? Which I do NOT have the ambition for right now. So, back to ignoring the MCU.

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Ordered the bluray, then read the plot summary on Wikipedia. Got to "fatally injures" and started looking for a table to flip.

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Today was kind of a weird and tiring day and I can't figure out why.

Oh, no! A debit card I don’t have with a bank I don’t use has been disabled, I’d better click this link!

Apple's packaging it really nice. I almost feel bad tearing the Studio's box down and recycling it.

Am I the only one who finds this fentanyl boogeyman to be, like, a LOT more transparent than most? Like, it makes the satanic panic seem fact-driven by comparison.

Is it /really/ that much stupider, or is it just that I'm much better informed these days?

(ok, to be fair, the second item is only 2hr and is my office hours, which does tend to be fun, but)

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I have two items on my calendar today, stretching from 9:00 to 15:00. This will be fun(tm).

Ah, apparently No Way Home isn’t available thru d+, so guess that’s where I stop.

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Ok. Dad was a little zero dimensional, but good story, cute ending.

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On to Shang-chi.

Do I need to watch Eternals, or can I skip that?

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While making a sandwich, I think I worked out why I liked that movie so much: If you ignore the stuff with Ross, it’s much more like the phase 1 films. It’s fun, and there are clear good/bad sides. Much more what I want from a superhero movie than the phase 3 stuff.

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Ok, yeah, that was fun. They really needed that deleted scene to explain how she got away at the end, but whatev.

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Was going to watch the latest Thor but realized I haven’t watch anything from phase 4 except Loki. So I’m watching Black Widow.

The helicopter plops down in the middle of the road, I laugh and declare “this is a great movie”.

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