Dear companies: I am totally judging you based on the birthday emails you send me.

Got my CHG9 today. Dyson Sphere Program works great. Black Mesa, Autonauts, no problem. CoD:IW had to be convinced, but worked fine after.

Star Citizen is completely unusable; I can't even click the options button to turn down the quality settings.

Laying in a dark room reading for 3 hours means it feels a LOT later than it is. And my stomach hurts.

Now I've got to figure out what I'm going to do for the rest of this waking cycle.

It looks like I can get through about 7% of this book per day. Partly that's about the size of the book (about 26% done and it says I've got 10.5 hours left), but mostly it's about wanting to murder your entire species for murdering your entire planet.

I feel like I would be emotionally better off right now if I was drunk, high, or both. But my stomach makes both of those very unappealing at the moment.

I cannot solder to save my f'ing life. I don't understand why I keep trying to pick up projects that require that skill.

.... Huh. I already got my tax refund. 8 days after I filed. o_O

“Men had wished upon them a certain shape, a certain form. And, just like the gods, and the Tooth Fairy, and the Hogfather, their shape had changed them. They would never be human, but they had caught aspects of humanity as though they were some kind of disease.”

No, phone, I do not want you to expand that to ‘obviously’. I say ‘obvs’, now. You stopped fighting me on ‘tho’, you’ll give on this too.

Having a very bad mental health evening, obvs. Working on sleep, hoping for a quiet reboot.

“Humans weren’t individuals, they were, each one, a committee! Some of the other members of the committee were dark and red and entirely uncivilized. They had joined the brain before civilization; some of them had got aboard even before humanity. And the bit that did the joined-up thinking had to fight, in the darkness of the brain, to get the casting vote!”

Where’s my space armada armed with rocks when I really REALLY need it?

I think I need to make a choice: I can keep reading Ministry For The Future, or I can stay on twitter. Both is going to result in SOME kind of -cide.

I really hate humans, btw.

tfw you're wondering why your medical provider is late to your virtual appt, then realize it's because you put it into your work calendar with a 15m buffer so you wouldn't be late.

Something I just realized: my diabetes is older than several members of my team at work.

I found my Mathmos color bubble (bought off thinkgeek back when thinkgeek was cool). It hadn’t been plugged in since we moved. It still had a charge and turned on.

Found the charger too, but it doesn’t seem to get as bright as it used to. Rubber degradation, maybe?

Watching a movie set 19 years after it was released. It’s set 16 years ago.

And nobody even sings Barracuda.

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