"[...] and undermine your confidence in american democracy"

Sorry, my what?

@randomgeek I will never feel bad about the state of my keyboards again.

My feelings all taste (un)surprisingly like raw cookie dough today.

"Their bodies are very poorly made. They're mostly goo and juice. You just take the juice out and then they're dead."

I started watching The Good Place today and I’m already five eps into S2. This show is ridiculous, and I’m loving it.

"... but I would feel bad." ... "Well, not bad, but bad-like. Bad-flavored." ... "The Lacroix of bad. I'm drinking soda water and three rooms away someone says 'feeling bad'."

I would _totally_ be willing to buy a stack of kindles or similar e-readers, but they're too small to be that useful for this purpose (my days of 4pt courier are long long long gone).

If I still had every iPad I've ever owned, and they were still functional, that would probably be good enough, but I don't, and they aren't.

I was hoping the Remarkable2 would be good for this, but it's not really big enough, and doesn't seem to accept plain text documents. Also kind of expensive when I want to be able to shuffle thru several of them.

When I worked at Amazon, I'd print them out on the big printers, which was great. But that wastes a ton of paper, since I only need them for a few days, and I keep having to go print more to work on other sections.

What I really want is, like a stack (so, five more or less?) of tabloid-size e-ink tablets that I can just throw text at and have them display it, with pinch-zoom and scrolling. When I'm doing a major refactor, I want to be able to look at multiple sections of code simultaneously, and preferably draw on them.

I think everybody knows my deep and abiding love of post-apocalyptica and disaster-porn.

I just watched ST:D S3E1 and damn if that doesn't hit most of my buttons. Sure don't hurt that it's pretty as hell.

Sitting around waiting until I can wash the dye out and only now wondering "why the hell am I sober?"...

I've really got to stop buying technical books; at least until I actually need them _right then_.

Finally went to really look over a book I'd picked up a while ago, about a piece of software, and it's four major releases out of date, and no updates have been published.

I desperately miss my favorite diner here in town, and am worried about it going out of business. But, get this: They're open. I could get food there. I could get take-out. But NO. I'm not going to eat food prepped in a facility where randos from the public can exchange air with the kitchen. I'm not even thrilled about drive-thru fast food, but at least they aren't letting customers into the actual building.

Dear AMC: I am a long-time loyal customer, _and_ a shareholder. And I understand you want to, y'know, stay in business. I get that. But [points to the infection-count graphs] NO WAY IN FUCK AM I GOING TO A MOVIE THEATRE.

"Why isn't there more footage of monsters?"
"What do you mean?"
"People always talked about seeing monsters, but couldn't prove it. Now that everyone carries a camera, we should see lots of films of them."
"We do."
"We do?"
"It's just not the monsters some of us were expecting."
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