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Martin Tithonium 👽

OK, the iPhone X crashes if you multitask-swipe to a full screen web app. Awesome.

Only 1.53 shopping weeks until Marty Day. Are you prepared?

So far today I've written two lines of code. And they don't really make sense to me.

Perhaps I should wait longer to start work.

I've definitely got some kind of... brain thing going on.

I'm singing Fiona Apple in work Slack rooms, creating variable names like the_changes_are_coming_from_inside_the_application, and the like.


Hm. FaceID doesn't seem to work when the phone is in landscape orientation. Annoying.

If you write an email client and _only_ support composing html email, you're an asshole. If you write an email client and don't support displaying plaintext emails in a monospace font, you're an asshole AND an idiot.

Surely UW or someone has a url I can hit, which will remain reliable until at least slightly _after_ Mt Rainier erupts, which I can check occasionally to see if it has? Something that will switch to 'yes' _immediately_ when it happens?

I want to set up my sonos to play Cities In Dust (Eruption Mix) all over the house when it starts, y'see...

Day four with the iPhone X. Already addicted to the screen real estate. Lack of home button super annoying in landscape mode, mostly nice in portrait. Does make one-handed use slightly uncomfortable.

Ok, Lucas the Spider _is_ cute, but he's still a spider. If I encountered him IRL, I would scream and run away, just like with any other spider.

Possibly louder, 'cause he's kinda huge.

This is an idea I had right after... well, Right After, you know. Which is why I registered in January 2017.

Still haven't done anything with it yet, tho. Capital is always a problem, and even 'cheap' cellphones aren't that cheap.

Ok, so, here's the idea: If you're going to a protest, esp if you're going with friends, you need a phone so you can communicate, right? But, maybe you don't want your expensive smart phone with all you contacts and email and messages and such?

So what if there was a company that would rent you a small batch of cheap phones, preconfigured with each others numbers (plus local ACLU etc)?

Went in to upgrade our iPhones today. Broke down and got an X. Still getting used to it.

I've got hundreds of books unread, and dozens of audiobooks unlistened, so why am I relistening to something I've gone thru twice already?

Because sometimes you need space vampires.

ok, so.. what was the point of a political marriage to the daughter of the old emperor if you still end up going to war against the entire empire?

Damnit. I need an Etcher Pro about once every five years, but when I need it I _really_ need it. ::/

Woke up just before I killed the toady of the person in charge of managing non-ceremonial funerals, for disrespecting my attempts to make request with regard to handling our just-dead friend. She was probably next, for the same reason.

Weird to wake up with one's hands still feeling imagined murder.

I'm the first damned patient of the day; how the hell is the doctor already late?

Awake, showered, dressed, out of the house, breakfasted, and at the doctors office. And my regular alarm still hasn't gone off yet.

Ok, I want to believe that setting up Ghost on my server did not result in it being listed in the CBL, but it's NOT LOOKING LIKELY.