This is why my stock portfolio is just a toy and I haven't put serious money into it.

The thing I miss most about Livejournal is my massive collection of profile photos. I had apparently amassed 114 of them before I left the service. Downloaded them all one day, so i'd have backups.

I've thrown about a thousand dollars into the stock market, via Robinhood, over the past five years. It's done upsettingly well under trump, because he pushes policies that make wall street investors (aka "the economy") happy. But it's all bullshit and unsustainable. I'm hoping maybe that bubble has finally burst. but I don't think so.

By chance, are there any small, cheap SBCs with composite video _input_? I've got a box of these ancient b&w camera modules I'd like to turn into webcams.

So, all the wifi bridge manufacturers are owned by the First Order now, right?

TFW something you bought on Kickstarter ages ago, but never fully utilized because circumstances changed between backing and receipt, finally becomes properly useful.

Digging thru a really old box full of really old documentation. I’ve already pulled, scanned, and recycled the NewtCard manuals.

Current status: waiting for my flight out, about twelve hours before my flight back.

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