It’s a start. Going to stop here because I don’t want to be too loud during the evening. Should be able to finish the gaming desk tomorrow, then the main desk should follow reasonably easily.

And yet it still feels like I haven’t packed enough stuff yet.

I'll be honest, all of these numbers are much lower than I would have guessed.

Does this ad know I’m about to live on my own for the first time in my life or something?

Ever open a decorative box, wondering what you left inside and then… continue wondering?

That WAS a plush moose the size of a small human adult. Jumbo spacebag for the win.

I just used a phrase I never thought I would use: “that’s too much paprika”.

Anybody want some compaq proliant parts? Looks like I got two ram carrier boards and four pentium II xeons.

Starting to tear it open. Front before tearing, back after tearing the back off.

Rearranging my closet, and moving a large fraction of my shirts to the goodwill pile. Mostly things that are too small or too stretched out. But there are some things I just can’t part with.

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The Clacks

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