Sorting my largely-antique nail polish collection by color. Can you tell what my favorite color is?

Shared this with work, figured I might as well share it here too: the contents of my Antique Palmtops bin.

Not every palmtop I’ve ever owned, sadly. Many are missing, and some of these are replacements.

And how’s that going?

(Chicago Tribune, 17aug97, talking about IPv6)

And now clearing out a giant binder full of old newspaper clippings. Mostly from the mid- to late-nineties.

I’m tossing anything that isn’t about me.

I've got this UV lamp I bought as decoration for my 25th bday party. It's been hanging around the house for the two decades since, hardly ever used. Problem is, it's 3.5' tall and ~20" across each side of the base, so it's kinda in the way. And it currently lives in my entryway, partly blocking the drinks fridge.


The pens use quadruple-A batteries. I can’t get one of them open. ::(

Set up a spare rpi with some spare speakers, put a tiny cgi script and some wav files on it, and...

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The Clacks

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