Stop 3/4. Even electrics can be self centered assholes who park in the driving lane.

I am going to eat a cookie and you are powerless to stop me.

Maybe several cookies.

Finally got one of my ESP32-CAMs up and running, and taped to the dining room window. Need to find a better spot for it, but it's good enough for the moment.

I never put stickers on my laptops. Because I generally give my laptops away when I upgrade, and I don’t wanna lose the stickers. But this one I’m going to keep. So, stickers.

Anybody know what the lower left is from? I can’t remember.

So, what, I have to phish _myself_ now? I don't have time for that!

It’s a lot of machine just to stab somebody. And it’s not even lethal.

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The Clacks

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