How many scams are you going to try to cram into a single spam?

Next up for giveaway: various pairs of fuzzy socks, several black 4xlt A-shirts, and a hat.

Things I’m giving away (come get it or I can deliver within reason): silk jackets/shirts that will never fit me again.

Things I’m giving away (come get it or I can deliver within reason): label printers. Kept duratype 244se and 210.

Well, that’s ONE package accounted for. Finally showed up in LA after almost a month. Still waiting for the more expensive two-months-missing one.

Starting a new bug sprint, but too sick to make it scan properly.

These. Imagine pulling it out of a tiny jewel case, dropping it into a slot, and it starts spinning and music plays.

Dear self: when is the last time you looked at this code? Exactly what century was that?

Penultimate charge stop for the day, Amalga Idaho, at the Stinker store.

Dinner will be pretzels, not CFS. Because fuck these people. The I-70 Diner can shove it up their asses.

My brilliant plan to have second breakfast at the I-70 Diner (they have CFS) foiled by the fact that they’re closed today.

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The Clacks

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