I've got this UV lamp I bought as decoration for my 25th bday party. It's been hanging around the house for the two decades since, hardly ever used. Problem is, it's 3.5' tall and ~20" across each side of the base, so it's kinda in the way. And it currently lives in my entryway, partly blocking the drinks fridge.


The pens use quadruple-A batteries. I can’t get one of them open. ::(

Set up a spare rpi with some spare speakers, put a tiny cgi script and some wav files on it, and...

Price history graph for a pretty good logitech webcam, nov thru present. Price went from a stable USD50-60 to a peak of $290.

Humans are not sane.

This is why my stock portfolio is just a toy and I haven't put serious money into it.

The thing I miss most about Livejournal is my massive collection of profile photos. I had apparently amassed 114 of them before I left the service. Downloaded them all one day, so i'd have backups.

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