UPS says delivery today, but also says "being processed for delivery". So it's not on a truck yet, which has always meant "won't be delivered today" in the past. Guess we'll see.

Oh ho! Now they say Out For Delivery. [excited blob emoji]

It's here! 9 hours before deadline!

I gotta say, Amazon's frustration-free-packaging has nothing on Apple's.

I've got a pair of HP Envy 4k monitors I was going to use. One was Eltanin's second display, the other was sitting idle.

Looks like the power supply for the spare is probably somewhere in storage. ::P

Oh well, I can live with a single monitor for the moment.

Just encourages me to buy four of apple's Pro monitors later when I've got too much money again.

Data is finally transferring. I haven't decided for sure if it's inheriting the name.. probably should, since it's not a completely new install, what with all the crap I'm copying over...

Ugh. You calculated the size to transfer but didn't say how many files, so you tell me progress by saying how many files are copied but not how much size.. how can I know how done you are?!?


Ah, now it says 104 hours 34 minutes left.

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