If I'm hosting a website or email for you, please raise your hand.

@tithonium I'm not taking advantage of it, but you've provided the space and tools to do so.

@smellsofbikes do you anticipate using it within the next year? What, if anything, besides static content do you expect to use?

@tithonium I'm thinking it's unlikely. I'm so tired and overwhelmed I'm not going to get that finished.

@smellsofbikes Fair enough.

I'm preparing to port all the websites over to the new (cloud based) server, and trying to figure out how to set things up. Just want to make sure I don't make things difficult.

@smellsofbikes I'll go ahead and set you up with a user on the new machine, same web root etc, and it'll be prepped to serve a static site. if you need something more complicated later, we can make that happen then.

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