Confirmed that _most_ of the noise from Antares is from the three power supplies' fans. By blocking the fans from turning and turning it on, then unblocking them. So, the question is.. do I drop $300 replacing the power supplies and hope the new ones are actually quiet?

Maybe just replace one, and see if it's as noisy, and replace the other two if it's quiet.

Or maybe figure out another plan.


The Drobo is nice, but not for running software on, and doing large scale data manipulation over mounted drives tends to have lots of failures. So it's mostly going to be low-traffic data (websites and other things run on the docker swarm) and backups, and media processing needs to go back onto something better. I'd _like_ to use Antares, but.. I dunno. Maybe Vela instead. Or build a new machine and hook up the sata array...

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