Just to be 100% clear: "Full Stack" is bullshit. It means you're looking to pay someone once for two jobs, and/or it means you want someone mediocre at both. Back end and front end are very different types of skills, and it's damned near impossible to specialize in both while staying current on new developments. If someone _can_ do it, you should be paying them well north of 200.

TBC: I don't claim to be able to do it. I am very much a back-end developer. I know javascript, I can do front end development - kinda hafta for personal projects, y'know? - but I'm not an expert at front-end, by any stretch, and I don't keep up with the latest developments.

@tithonium And considering how hyperactive the front end development community is, staying current in new developments there is no mean feat.

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