Just wasted ten minutes trying to figure out why the little ghost arrow didn't show up in atom when search wrapped to the top. Downloaded the beta version, and it worked. Then it didn't.

Quit, restarted, and it's working again. Turns out... opening the preferences page breaks it. Go figure.

Or it will just stop working _eventually_. I'm looking over certain code references in a bunch of files and it stopped working again after a dozen or so files.

Damnit, I hate having to switch editors.

That may come across a bit non-sequitur, but people've been telling me Atom is tired and <x> is wired for a while now, and this always seems to happen JUST as I've gotten a new editor working how I want it and adapted to its quirks. I stuck with TextMate LONG after it had turned to crap, and only switched when it finally stopped working at all.

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