Weird question: Do I know anybody who needs a reasonably-decent used windows laptop about, say, a year from now?

I want something cheap-but-adequate that I can play games on when it's too hot to use the furnace that is my desktop gaming rig, but that I won't end up sticking on a shelf when I feel I can upgrade to something better.

@tithonium yeah, actually, if it's something that Linux will run on reasonably well. My current c. 2011 laptop is starting to show its age, not sure how much longer it'll last. And I'm ready to jump ship from Apple.

@mcmoots Linux compatibility wasn't something I was going to make a purchase decision based on, but linux should work Just Fine on _most_ modern windows laptops that don't have overly-custom hardware (it's a pita on the 1st gen yoga book, frex). But I can try to bear it in mind.

@mcmoots And since I'm planning to get something aimed mainly for gaming, it's likely to be mostly mainstream hardware, rather than specialized crap.

@tithonium I am wary of "it should work just fine" when it comes to open source, I don't want to make a hobby of linuxing. But yeah, I hear things have gotten a lot better since the last time I cared in 2004.

@tithonium Don't even know what the contenders are these days. I don't have an ideological preference, whatever installs with least fuss.

@mcmoots very quick googling indicates the dell shouldn't be a problem for linux. apparently ubuntu's pretty good with nvidia support

@tithonium Hmmm preliminary googling for the asus says the trackpad is somewhere between flaky and broken.

@mcmoots yeah, I can get slightly better bang for the buck with the dell.

@mcmoots minor upgrades to the dell (16g ram, more storage) plus 10% coupon brings it to $1260. I'm wibbling. How much do you think it's worth to you in a year or so? (no commitment)

@tithonium oh man I've done zero market research. $750? Super spitballing here, first thing that came up on craigslist was someone wanting $600 for what looks like the less specced out last year's model.

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