So, there was a company that was relatively early in the "we host the gaming machine, you play remotely" space, and they were selling their own hardware for the client side (basically a fancy vnc client, right)? What was that company? I can't remember who it was, and nobody I _can_ find in that space seems to be the one I'm looking for.
I assume they went out of business, but there should be _evidence_, no?

@giantessgnostic I was looking at the wikipedia page for them and the hardware doesn't match what I remember from the company I'm thinking of. But that doesn't mean it's not my memory that's wrong. It just doesn't _feel_ right?

@giantessgnostic Shadow's general _look_ is closer to what I remember, but their Ghost is also nothing like the hardware I remember pictures of. Again, memory being fallible.

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